Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation

Taking a vacation with the kids should be fun for everyone, but there are only so many theme parks that you (and your wallet) can cope with. When you need a break from the pool, and the kids need a break from the museums, there is a big world out there waiting to be explored. All you need to get the kids to come along is an angle.

Hiking Girl Cape Town - Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation

Safety First

Nobody is going to enjoy a hike if they are anxious about safety, so take sensible precautions. Ensure that someone knows where you are going and when you expect to be back. Find out from local sources what hazards you might encounter on the way and how to deal with them. Continue reading “Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation”

Poets’ Villas in Tuscany and jet set: welcome to Versilia!

Poets, celebrities and sportsmen can be found in Versilia, a region famous for some of the most luxurious villas in Tuscany and a lively nightlife.


Among the wonderful locations in Tuscany, one is particularly famous for its fashionable life: Versilia. This part of the region is located in the north-western part of the Lucca province and is named after the Versilia river that runs through it. Continue reading “Poets’ Villas in Tuscany and jet set: welcome to Versilia!”

Seven Cities to Live in Before You Turn Thirty

Your twenties are often a time when you have the most freedom to explore and live on your terms before settling down. As a single adult in the United States you have probably already explored the city closest to home, but don’t forget there are still many more out there you haven’t visited yet. Each of the seven cities listed in this article are great places to live out your twenties to the fullest.

Austin Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin’s city slogan isn’t “Keep Austin Weird” for nothing! The capital of the Lone Star State is one of the most unique cities in the nation. Known for its local music and amazing Tex-Mex, Austin is a great location to “get weird” in your twenties. Continue reading “Seven Cities to Live in Before You Turn Thirty”

Delight in exclusivity and home comforts in a Wan Chai serviced apartment

Wan Chai is considered to be one of the nicest areas to reside in when staying in Hong Kong. The district actually opens up to an array of exclusive venues that will definitely keep you asking for more (from alluring entertainment scenes to classy restaurants and bars). But that’s not all there is to it as the trendy locale also offers some of the finest serviced apartments Hong Kong around. The lodging choices in the area may come out pricey. But it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel, especially if you’re thinking about settling in for a longer timeframe.

Wan Chai - Hong Kong

Long-term stays in a serviced flat is more inexpensive than a hotel room accommodation

Why would you want to sacrifice all the comforts that you can get, if you could always stay in a hotel room? Well, you don’t actually have to give up anything when you decide to stay in a serviced flat. Managed apartments have already stepped up their game by simply offering units that combine home comforts, with a few hotel luxuries. So imagine settling for a serviced accommodation that has the amenities of a hotel, but is offered a lot cheaper. This is surprisingly a great snag, especially if you’re looking to stay in one for a few months to a year. Continue reading “Delight in exclusivity and home comforts in a Wan Chai serviced apartment”