Glamping: The Type of Vacation That supports A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is Glamping you might be thinking? Glamping is a type of vacation where you can focus on well-being through adventure and freedom, and unplug from the day to day stresses. While glamping has different meanings to different people, it is truly experience based travel that focuses on healthy living.

Tree House - Glamping: The Type of Vacation That supports A Healthy Lifestyle

Glamping also doesn’t only refer to safari tents, it includes tipis, stunning tree houses, shipping containers that have been transformed into a quirky place to stay, tiny homes, etc. A glamping site may feel a little camping or it may have 5-star amenities but when you are glamping, you will without a doubt have incredible access to the outdoors and nature that will give you the opportunity to be as physically active as you want to be. Continue reading “Glamping: The Type of Vacation That supports A Healthy Lifestyle”

Understanding Novated Leasing and the Multiple Advantages Involved

Have you already heard of the term novated leasing? Are you truly aware of the advantages this type of loan plan can provide? And more important, do you understand how this novated lease system works?

Volkswagen Beetle

Basically, novated lease plans refer to contracts between an employer and the employee, which allow the employee to lease a vehicle of his or her choice through the employer. The repayments are made by the employer by deducting them from the pre-income tax income. Continue reading “Understanding Novated Leasing and the Multiple Advantages Involved”

What is a Timeshare

Many people are still unsure just what a timeshare is. They have a vague impression that a timeshare allows you to go on holiday for the same week or two every year, to the same place, but have no real idea about any more than that. This is a brief guide to just what exactly a timeshare is.


At its most basic, a timeshare is a purchase of a proportion of a property. Rather than owing a percentage of the freehold, the owner `owns` the property outright for a set week or more every year. The week(s) that are owned depend on the initial purchase, so if someone has bought into a timeshare for, say, two weeks in August, they have that right to use that property for those two weeks every year. Aside from the initial outlay, the owner will usually have to pay a maintenance fee to the resort in which the timeshare property is based and this helps ensure that the property is kept in good repair. Continue reading “What is a Timeshare”

Things to Look for in Poconos Vacation Home

Before starting your great family vacation and adventure at the Poconos Mountains, you should look for Poconos vacation rental home that will provide accommodations that is not only secured but private as well. Whether you are looking for a villa, cabin, chalet, resort, etc, as your vacation home, the price should not only be your consideration. Location and easy accessibility to myriads of attractions, restaurants, etc is a great plus.

Pocono vacation

The Poconos Mountains has attracted a number of tourists yearly, especially those who want to have a relaxing experience away from the hustles and bustles of modern living. It has exciting and unique activities for people of all ages. The mountains offer an amazing view for sightseeing while riding on a horseback, or for checking out the different family attractions such as waterparks, wild animal park, the famous Nascar raceway; go on whitewater rafting, or have a quiet walk around the lake. Continue reading “Things to Look for in Poconos Vacation Home”