Charter Through the Caribbean History

From Carib tribesmen to pirates, everyone wanted a piece of Caribbean paradise. These days a stunning yacht charter is a welcome experience but it wasn’t always so. For over 5000 years people fought for ownership of these islands, pillaging and plundering as they went along.

Yacht Charter - Charter Through the Caribbean History

Sail the serene blue seas of the Caribbean and its tumultuous past seems an impossible fable. Explore an island nation’s well preserved colonial homes and naval bases however, and you’ll soon be met by European influence.

Some Caribbean nations have celebrated their past through thorough restoration projects. Visitor’s centres invite guests to experience interactive history lessons. Here are some of the islands whose secrets and past are brought to life through interactive exhibits and restored colonial glory.

Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

People laid claim to Antigua as early as 3100 BC. The Ceramic Age Arawak people fought fervently to call the island home but were eventually ousted by the powerful Carib tribes. When Christopher Columbus sailed by in 1493 he may have been responsible for naming the island after Saville’s mighty cathedral, Santa Maria La Antigua. Although the Spanish were the first Europeans to take control of the island, the English took over and the islands were controlled by the Crown for hundreds of years. Nelson’s Dockyard is a fine example of Britsh naval might and the world’s only remaining Georgian naval base. Built in 1725, Nelson’s Dockyard Park is laden with exquisitely restored Colonial-era houses and Man of War ships that line the harbour.

Nassau Bahamas - Charter Through the Caribbean History

Pirates of Nassau Museum, Nassau, the Bahamas

Long before the days of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, kids and adults alike have romanticised the carefree, adventure-filled life of pirates. The freedom to explore the Seven Seas, with no rules and no one telling you what to do. Visit this little museum on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas for an interactive history of pirates. See real life pirate paraphernalia and treasures and learn about some of history’s most famous pirates like Francis Drake and Black Beard.

Book a bareboat yacht charter and experience the many riches of the Caribbean for yourself. Whether you plan on capturing the colourful treasures that lie below or want to experience the tumultuous history that transformed the many-island nations, there’s a history lesson for everyone.

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