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There are many areas around the world that were once unheard of as travel destinations but are becoming more popular and are attracting an increasing number of visitors every year. Depending on one’s preferences, one can find the region that best lines up with what one is looking for either a long weekend or an extended vacation or holiday.

Lo Manthang

A unique destination is the island of Corsica in the French Mediterranean, with an intense culture that mixes the best of the cultures of France and Italy. It presents a challenging topography with a range of glittering bays, fabulous beaches and plush coastal cities as well as saw-tooth peaks with hilltop villages juxtaposed against breathtaking valleys. Its epic beauty has made it the choice to host the initial stages of the 100th Tour de France which will make it the first time the race has braved the challenges of the island.

Prior to 1992, an area that no one from the outside was allowed to visit, the remote region of Lo Manthang, or Mustang which is what is more typically called, is the last forbidden kingdom. From a political standpoint, it is part of Nepal, but its climate, geography and culture make it appear more like Tibet. The remote region is on the Tibetan plateau, just south of the border with the Chinese Tibet and north of the Himalayan watershed. There is now a road that connects Mustang to China in the north and to the rest of Nepal in the south but trekking permits is still somewhat expensive; that is certainly likely to change in the future. In addition, during the winter months the snow is too deep and the temperatures are too cold to make the visit an enjoyable one but once there, the sights are magnificent with vivid colors, rugged terrain and crisp air that make for a severe, sharp and absolute panorama.

Another remote region that has changed little over the course of time is the Yukon in Canada. With a population density of 5.5 square miles for each resident, the Yukon is an area of wilderness that has a grandeur and beauty unknown in any other part of the world. Many come to see the attraction of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, which was the high point of population for the Yukon, as well as the many outdoor attractions. The ice fields that are the largest in the world below the Arctic and the five tallest mountains in Canada are located in the Kluane National Park. There is the Yukon River for canoe expeditions and the bustle of Whitehorse and Dawson City to enjoy as well.

Off the beaten track and a hidden gem of the northern Peruvian Andes is the quiet mountain city of Chachapoyas. It is not only a center for agriculture but home to some of the most incredible natural and cultural treasures of Peru that include one the tallest waterfalls in the world, the funerary site of Karajía and a river valley filled with ruins from the pre-Inca times. The area is becoming more visitor friendly with paved roads and other improvements in infra-structure to make it more accessible and easily reached.


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