Choose Singer Island for a Relaxing Florida Vacation

Singer Island is one of the top vacation destinations in Florida. Visitors will find plenty of quaint restaurants and bars, many outdoor activities, and several types of accommodations. Whether one is traveling alone on business, as a couple on a romantic getaway, or with the family on the annual vacation, Singer Island has something for all ages.



Although Singer Island has a laid back atmosphere, there are a couple of nightlife spots that are ideal for grabbing a bite to eat and something to drink. Menus are casual with seafood, BBQ chicken, and ribs among the favorites of locals and visitors alike. Many establishments can be found at the water’s edge such as Coconuts on the Beach. Restaurants like Two Drunken Goats are reminiscent of years past in Florida while the attentive staff serves large portions.

Outdoor Activities

The biggest outdoor attraction on Singer Island is the fishing charters and boat tours. Fishing is done right off the island. Large catches are common while still being within view of the coast. There are also many smaller varieties of fish for the younger sportsmen and rookies to try their hand at. Guided tours are readily available. Those who are more athletic can go surfing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing. Paddle boarding is another popular activity with local businesses offering lessons and equipment rental so that no one is left out.


Places to Stay

Singer Island has a wide range of accommodations to fit any budget. Chain hotels dot the shore line, and they offer adequate rooms at an affordable price point. Those who simply want a nice, clean place to sleep without extras they won’t use will find many locally owned lodges that will fit the bill. On the other hand, many people come to Singer Island for the total vacation experience. They want the onsite restaurants, luxury pools, and water front views. These travelers will enjoy the area’s many resorts such as the Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa.

Travelers of all ages will find plenty to do while staying on Singer Island. The many available outdoor activities will keep visitors busy throughout the day, and the local establishments provide several locations where one can unwind in the evening. The vast array of fishing tours, water sports, eateries, and accommodations have made this a top Florida destination.

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