Cool Winter Sports and Extreme Winter Sports: What to Choose?

Winter is not only about the Christmas holydays and relaxation, as for many people in the world it means packing up the gear and going practicing some winter sports, just as they dreamed of all summer long. There is no need to tell anybody about the countless winter travel offers including the possibility of practicing these sports and any adrenaline junkie knows exactly where he or she will spend this year’s vacation. So to enter the atmosphere, let’s take a look over the coolest winter sports and open our eyes to new ones you probably didn’t hear much about.

Cool Winter Sport

Let’s start with the classics!


Becoming a more and more popular urban winter sport, indoor skating has huge fans in all age groups, from couples dating and families having fun together. You will also need special protection gear, as a fall is not always a piece of cake, but with some practice, skiing can become your favorite winter activity, not to mention it is a very healthy way to exercise and stay in shape.

Sleigh riding

If you think this is only child’s play, think again, as many luxurious winter resorts offer sleigh slopes for adults who don’t know how to ski or are too afraid to learn. It is not very dangerous and it is a lot of fun, either to remember the good old childhood days or to keep yourself entertained with a bunch of friends, while the experts finish their skiing routines.

Skiing and Snowboarding

These are probably the most popular winter sports in the world, each with its rules and difficulty levels. There are few skiing resorts in the world which don’t offer beginners training lessons and professional instructors to teach them the magic of skiing, children included, while those with a taste for danger can practice snowboarding, far more spectacular. Both sports need similar apparel and one needs to have head-to-toe special winter gear, with snowboarding gear including the board and excluding the sticks. Of course, in order to perform those entire spectacular snowboarding acrobatics, one needs to be fully trained and experienced.

Let’s see what’s new!

Not long ago, an article in Men’s Health highlighted some rather strange winter sports the usual winter passionate may even not have heard about. They are quite extreme and some of them started ranking in popularity even skiing and snowboarding. If you are seeking for some adrenaline rush and you’re in the search for something new, here’s what you can do this season:

–          Fat biking: a form of mountain biking on snow with a specially designed balloon-wheeled bike to hold you safely on icy and snowy treks. It became so popular, it will have its own national championship in Vail, Colorado

–          Snow kayaking:  if you love your kayak but felt sorry to put it away for winter, don’t worry anymore, because you’ll be able to kayak in the snow. You won’t find this sport widely practiced in your regular ski resort, but if you want to learn or see pros do it, Colorado is the place to start.

–          Snow scooting: Combine your snowboarding skills and gear with a rather interesting bike and you have snow scooting to hit the slopes. You may find some good snow scooting opportunities in many established winter sport resorts, so you’ll just have to bring the gear and the courage.

While snow-kayaking and snow scooting are not for the noobs and faint of heart, there are other winter sports to give you a rush and lots of fun. You can consider ice hockey, ice climbing, airboarding, mountain trekking and hiking and so on. They all have their little dangers and they all have their entertaining side, so this winter get wild and treat yourself as you deserve.

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