Day Trips from Brisbane

One of the reasons Australia is such a popular tourist destination is that while it has world class modern cities for the traveller to explore, none of these are more than a few hours away from the breathtaking natural wonder of the bush and sea that Australia is so famous for. This means that while you can enjoy all the creature comforts that accommodation in the city provides, you can also explore nature at your convenience.

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There are so many beautiful places to see and explore, many of which make perfect day trips from major cities. Here, we’ll share with you a few great day trip ideas that you can take from your base in beautiful Brisbane, Queensland’s capital and Australia’s third-largest city. So get your travel insurance and your camera ready, because there is so much to see and do that you wont want to miss a thing!

The Sunshine Coast
An hour and a half north of Brisbane is the spectacular Sunshine Coast of Australia, a stretch of coastline so beautiful that it draws flocks of tourists each year. Aptly named for its enviable climate, the Sunshine Coast is a collection of sleepy surf villages and city folk who’ve become tired of the rat-race and retired to the picturesque idyll. With a thriving food scene featuring loads of local produce sourced from the nearby lush hinterland, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to explore when you’ve had your fill of the city. Bring your swimming costume and your surfboard if you have one—the waves are just begging to be tamed!

Gold Coast and Theme Parks
For a day of pure, unadulterated fun, why not drive south to the Gold Coast’s famed theme parks? There is Warner Brothers Movieworld, where you can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the movie industry and get reacquainted with all those Looney Tunes, Wet’n Wild, where you’re free to shoot yourself down intense waterslides to your heart’s content, Seaworld, which gets you up-close-and-personal with your favourite underwater friends, and Dreamworld, with some of the most thrilling rides you’re ever likely to experience! This is a day of fun for the young and the young at heart, and we dare you not to have a good time.

Stradbroke Island
Stradbroke Island is located 30km southeast of Brisbane and is an island oasis of long stretches of sand, pristine water and near-perfect weather. Accessible by ferry, the island has a small community of local residents, and once you’ve spent a day soaking up the sun and the surf, you’ll wish you were one of them!

These are just three examples of the kind of day-trip you can take from your base in comfortable Brisbane accommodation. Each Australian city has its own range of nearby attractions only a few hours out of the city, which makes Australia a perfect tourist destination, and one in which you really can have the best of both worlds.

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