Delhi: A Change of Direction

Have you always wanted to visit a city filled with rich history and culture? Have you always wished this city would also offer you the best foods possible? The answer to all your queries is the city of Delhi. The capital of our country, this city has everything; prominent landmarks, beautiful buildings, great people and the best cuisine. The latter is a very and storied part of Delhi, since the time of the Mughal Emperors; the city has been home to the finest chefs who specialize in mixing various dishes. Over time many of these chefs’ descendants decided to open places all over the city, who still serve the same foods, with the same quality.

Jama Masjid - Delhi: A Change of Direction

If you are coming solely for the food, Delhi will not disappoint you. If you are also here to visit places and looking for places worth your photo book or for your Instagram feed, Delhi is also the ideal place. There are many prominent landmarks as well as many places which are off the beaten path and not popular with tourists. Some places worth the visit are:

  • Jama Masjid: One of the largest mosques in the world and the biggest one in the country, this mosque was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1656. The mosque can accommodate over 20000 people and is flanked by two minarets 40 meters tall. At the time the construction of the masjid is said to have cost the emperor 1 million rupees. Architecturally it is one of the better-recognized buildings in the country. It is also a very popular tourist spot, with thousands of people flocking to it daily. A place for festivities, the Masjid is always open for people who come for prayers and to seek blessings. Even if you are not a particularly religious person, visiting the Masjid is said to invoke a sense of belief in some people.

HumayunsTomb - Delhi: A Change of Direction

  • Humayun’sTomb: A very old monument, constructed around the 1560s; this monument was dedicated to the Mughal Emperor Humayun and was commissioned by his wife, Empress Bega Begum. It is said to be the first garden-tomb in the Indian subcontinent. The tomb was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1933. It has since seen a lot of extensive restoration work on its exterior. The tomb houses various other Mughal Emperors as well as their descendants. It is also said to demarcate a point when Mughal Architecture was formally introduced in India. The building set the precedent for the other Mughals to construct various types of mausoleums, such as the Taj Mahal. It is one of the most visited sites in the city and sees crowds of thousands daily. The lush gardens and the majestic buildings are a sight to behold and well worth a trip.

The city delights and enthralls, if you have been planning to visit this place, it is always charming all year round. The hustle and bustle of the East and especially cities like Kolkata can be stressing. Airfares are now surprisingly affordable and you can snag any tickets on the Kolkata to Delhi flights for very reasonable prices.

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