Delight in exclusivity and home comforts in a Wan Chai serviced apartment

Wan Chai is considered to be one of the nicest areas to reside in when staying in Hong Kong. The district actually opens up to an array of exclusive venues that will definitely keep you asking for more (from alluring entertainment scenes to classy restaurants and bars). But that’s not all there is to it as the trendy locale also offers some of the finest serviced apartments Hong Kong around. The lodging choices in the area may come out pricey. But it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel, especially if you’re thinking about settling in for a longer timeframe.

Wan Chai Hong Kong - Delight in exclusivity and home comforts in a Wan Chai serviced apartment

Long-term stays in a serviced flat is more inexpensive than a hotel room accommodation

Why would you want to sacrifice all the comforts that you can get, if you could always stay in a hotel room? Well, you don’t actually have to give up anything when you decide to stay in a serviced flat. Managed apartments have already stepped up their game by simply offering units that combine home comforts, with a few hotel luxuries. So imagine settling for a serviced accommodation that has the amenities of a hotel, but is offered a lot cheaper. This is surprisingly a great snag, especially if you’re looking to stay in one for a few months to a year.

What can be benefited from a serviced accommodation, money-wise?

Serviced lodgings have now become a cost-effective housing solution for many, especially for those who are into long-term stays. Just take for example an expat or a local family of four who are preparing to move into their new home in a couple months, and are looking for a temporary place to stay in for the meantime. A place where a natural home setup is present and at the same time, offered at an affordable rate. The same goes for any traveler (whether backpacking solo or in a group) who’s looking for a place where they could just come back to after a tiring day of exploring.

Companies and other business entities can also save a lot from using serviced lodgings, especially if they have people who are constantly on the move, but are looking for accommodations where they can easily retire to after work.

Wan Chai – A haven of classy and comfy accommodations

There are plenty of serviced accommodations to choose from, especially in the Wan Chai area. Just take for example The V Hotel nearby. These Wan Chai managed apartments are one of a kind, as each one has been ‘carved to purpose’. Each of their flats has been well thought out of, and has been delightfully combined with the best elements (touches of luxurious minimalism with warm home comfort).

Every living space at The V Wan Chai is well appointed. They even offer fully equipped kitchens, and terraced gardens where you can dine, alfresco style. So imagine coming home to a lovely setting that’s already fully furnished and fully serviced.

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