Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland

If you’re a fan of golden valleys, nice people, and majestic nature and really would like to have time to see everything, Ireland is the place to go. It is not that huge so a week of car travelling should do you good. There is not that much to see in the capital of Dublin so if I were you I would place myself in a car, or as my grandparents did, on a MC bike and just take off. There are about 200 miles from Dublin to the famous town of Galway, the biggest city of the Irish west coast but with only 70 000 people. But what makes this town so famous is its exuberated music life.

Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland - Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland

It is almost impossible to go out to the local pub for a pint of Galway Hooker and not hear some live Irish folk music. Some great bars and pubs you should visit while in Galways are Crane Bar which has a big range of music, all from beginners to touring professionals and the atmosphere is amazing. Some other nice places are Living Room with a live DJ, King’s Head with three floors and Quay’s. There are also a couple of places right outside of Galway that you really should visit while you are here.

If you are traveling a bit south from Galway you will come to The Burren in Clare which is a kind of moonscape and has got an exotic flora and extraordinary nature. Connemara lays a bit west from Galway, a landscape with lakes, mountains and typical Irish fields. Here you can do some trekking up the hills or around the lakes or visit some of the small villages with great sheep farms where it’ll almost feel like you’re in the middle of the 19th century instead of the beginning of the 21st. In Clare you can also find the Cliffs of Moher which are huge limestone cliffs that rises like a wall towards the great Atlantic Ocean.

Galway is really a great starting point if you want to explore the west coast of this beautiful country. If you want to visit some of the other towns you can easily go by car on the not very trafficked bumpy roads.

Ireland is not really famous for its culinary food, but since you are by the coast, the sea food can get really great – you really should try out McDoagh’s Seafood bar in the heart of Galway, The Malt House is also a good sea food restaurant. Other good places are Orient Aroma, if you feel for something Chinese, The Pier Head bar & restaurant and Cosy Joe’s.

If you are looking for a nice sunny vacation, Ireland would not be the place to go since the typical weather here almost always is rather grey and rainy, especially during winter. But this gorgeous land with the lush landscapes really suits this weather rather perfectly. You should go here during the summer, spring or autumn, maybe even try and come for the typical Irish events, such as St Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national day which is on the 17th of March when the country gets greener and more Irish than ever. Also some annual festivals that are taking place in Galway are the Arts Festival during two weeks in July where you get to observe great music, dance, poetry and theatre. Galway’s Oyster Festival is also a great reason to come here during the last week of September.


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