Discover the best honeymoon destinations in Europe

Are you in search of super romantic destination for the ultimate honeymoon? We all know that the wedding is the beginning of a married couple new life together. Therefore, it is better to plan your honeymoon if you really want to create romantic memories to last a lifetime. Just check out these mesmerizing places for your honeymoon.

Cove in Corfu - Discover the best honeymoon destinations in Europe

Go to Corfu

Corfu is all about romantic getaways for couples. Besides, in the event you want to escape from the hustle, you can spend your honeymoon with your partner on the island of Corfu. If you enjoy a relaxed beach lifestyle, then this Island is the best honeymoon destination. You can take a romantic walk along one of the beaches there, including Glyfada Beach.

However, if you don’t want to spend your honeymoon by the shoreline, then you can visit one of the best-known museums there, like the « Archaeological Museum of Corfu ». You can also splurge on a hotel, given the fact that there are many best hotels you can choose from. As a case in point, you can find the Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa or the Grecotel Eva Palace.

Head in Santorini

Whatever your dream honeymoon places, you can find all you want in Santorini. Whether you favor the beach, Santorini is the great place for you. Known for its famous beaches, black, white and red sand, you will have many things to enjoy. For instance, you can head to Red Beach that is one of the famous beaches there.

Moreover, there are many activities that will be sure to pique your interest, such as snorkelling or taking a cruise to have a fabulous time on your honeymoon. Apart from that, you can find many spa hotels on the island. It is also a spot of extremes when it comes to dining, so why not go to one of the best restaurants there? Therefore, whatever you may choose, you cannot go wrong with a honeymoon there.

Why not in Paris?

This place is perfect for rest and relaxation. As a City of Light, there is so much to do for you and your partner. By way of illustration, you could discover museums, palaces, fashion, and not to mention the luxury hotels. There are many restaurants in an elegant setting in Paris, which offers divine cuisine. You can spend your honeymoon at night in order to get intimate meals over candlelight.

You can also head a bit south to visit historic Châteaux as an example, if you want to visit one of the mesmerizing spots of Paris. But, how could you get around there? You can hire a car in Paris with as it would be the best way to see the city. You can also take control of your honeymoon in order to make it just as you had dreamed.

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