Discover the Hidden Depths of Bulgaria

When considering where to travel on your next getaway, Bulgaria is not necessarily the first destination that springs to mind. Despite being ruled under the Ottoman Empire for five hundred years and subsequently enveloped by the Iron Curtain a further 40 years, in recent times, Bulgaria has emerged as a fantastic location to discover. If you fancy lazing on some stunning beaches, the black sea coast is the place to head to, but for those who seek more than a bit of sun, sea and sand, here are some ideas to whet your appetite.

Rhodope Mountains
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Travel to the Rhodope Mountains using car hire Bulgaria and you will find the breath-taking sight of Trigrad Gorge, close to the town of Trigrad. Explore Devil’s Throat Cave and gaze in awe at the highest underground waterfalls in Europe. Packed with over 150 caves to survey, make sure you allow plenty of time to truly enjoy this place.

If you relish the hustle and bustle of the city, traverse towards Sofia, nestled at the foot of Mount Vitosha. Whilst in the winter, many head here to hit the slopes, it is also a great place to visit in the summer months. Littered with a huge array of flora and fauna, engage in a spot of hiking, or for something a little less taxing, find a nearby café or restaurant and sample some local cuisine.

Discover a part of Bulgaria’s rich history and visit The Sredna Gora and the Valley of the Roses. Stop by Koprivshtitsa and see the location of the April uprisings in 1876. Starosel is also found in this area and is home to burial mounds from the 5th century B.C. Head to the Shipka Pass and find the summit where some stunning scenery can be found along with war memorials and the Shipka Memorial Church, which commemorate the resistance of Turkish forces by Bulgaria and Russian troops in 1877. Stara Zagora is also worth a visit as the location of Bulgaria’s most popular attraction, The Neolithic dwellings.

For a welcome dose of some magnificent architecture, the Rila Monastery located against a backdrop of some stunning mountains is a definite must-see. It does happen to look rather like a fortress, flanked by high walls, however the beauty here will quickly become apparent once you enter. Explore the inside of the church and you will find the iconostasis which is around 10 metres wide and coated by complex carvings and gold leaf, completed by the Samokov woodcarvers.

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If you have some time, pick up car hire Bulgaria and visit Plovdiv. The Old Town, built on three hills provides visitors with more than 150 historic monuments to find and is also home to some amazing examples of baroque architecture.

Bulgaria certainly has hidden depths, and a little bit of planning and research before you head out will mean that you will reap the benefits on your trip, making this a truly rewarding break.

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