Dreaming of a Beach Wedding? Consider Rarotonga

Planning a wedding should be exciting, but it can often end up feeling like a stressful job; this is why many brides decide to get married abroad where they can hand most of the responsibilities over to a resort or wedding planner. Of course the other benefit of this is being able to head somewhere where the sun is much more likely to make an appearance, as well as having stunning views during the ceremony.

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There are many locations around the world that would be beautiful and perfect, but one place that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition is Rarotonga. This could actually work in your favour as you might find it easier to get the date you want for your big day! So what makes it a great destination, and where even is it?

Where is Rarotonga?

You can reach this island from Australia, New Zealand and the USA, so this might give you a few clues about its true location. It’s part of the Cook Islands which are east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. This island is the most populous of the collection, although it’s only 13,095 people which is a smaller number than many small towns in the UK!

What is Rarotonga like?

Only 32km in circumference, Rarotonga isn’t a huge island, but it still boasts some amazing beaches. There is a one kilometre beach along the south-eastern coast which is made up of amazing white sands and fringed with palm trees. Muri Beach shelves gently into a magnificent lagoon which you’ll certainly make the most of with the warm temperatures on the island.

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Where can you get married?

You can actually get married on the beach mentioned above (Muri Beach) which could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. You can do this through providers of Rarotonga accommodation, including Pacific Resort. It’s incredibly romantic and can give you everything that you’re looking for from you day.


When it comes to getting married on the Cook Islands, you’re in luck. Other South Pacific nations require you to wait 30 days before you are wed, whereas you can be in the country just three days before getting married here. You’ll need to produce full birth certificates, original passports and any divorce documents (if applicable).

You’ll also be able to have a strict guest list due to having an island wedding. Whilst there are likely to be plenty of rooms available for your guests, you might want to take the opportunity to have a more intimate affair. Sometimes weddings can get a bit out of control when you feel like you need to invite your second cousin once removed just in case he gets offended…

Finally, consider the dress you’ll be able to wear and the general vibe of the day. It will be really chilled out so you won’t need to worry about things going wrong. Also with such brilliant warm weather, you’ll be able to leave your suite happy knowing you won’t need an umbrella mid-ceremony!


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