Dress for Comfort on your Long Haul Flight

It might feel like your sanity’s slipping away on a long-haul flight sometimes, as not everybody is lucky enough to be able to sleep throughout the entire trip. There are a number of tips to help ease such flights, however. You can find some tips in the Atlantic here, who suggest things like drinking plenty of water and having a little bit of Melatonin might help. Dressing comfortably is also the key to having a good trip: you’re not able to move much during your flight so it’s important that you feel good in the clothes you wear. Here are some tips on how to dress for comfort on your long haul flight. Have a good trip!

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1. Help yourself and wear different layers

You will never know how hot or how cold it’s going to be on the plane, and you don’t want to be too cold or too hot. What you could do is wear a basic spring outfit, and make sure you have a cardigan or a sweater in your hand luggage. If you end up not wearing it you could always use it as an improvised pillow or blanket.

2. Dress as comfortably as you can

Not many people will be comfortable showing up in their pyjamas for their flight, but we do suggest dressing as comfortably as possible. Avoid any tight or ill-fitting clothing. Wearing clothes such as jogging pants instead of skinny jeans, and a plain t -shirt instead of a button-up shirt will make your trip a lot more bearable. The ladies might want to look into the extremely comfortable skater dresses that are in fashion right now, which are both fashionable and leisurely.

3. Sneakers and socks

If you want to try and nap for a moment, make sure you are able to take off your shoes easily. It’s best then, to either wear shoes that always feel comfortable or simply opt for a pair of sneakers. The good thing about sneakers is that they allow you to wear thick socks underneath, which you’ll be thankful for when you have to take your shoes off but still want to keep your feet warm.

4. Bring a hat

One aspect of long-haul flights that is difficult for many is being forced into close physical proximity with a bunch of strangers for so long with no privacy. A hat and sunglasses are always good tricks to help you get some privacy. These things will also help you fall asleep easier.

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