Eat light; Travel right

Ask any frequent business traveler what they dread the most about those regular trips abroad and they will tell you that the top two challenges are eating right and sleeping well.  It becomes all too easy to slide into the convenience of eating packaged food available at every corner. However, the impact of this habit on the digestive system is far from desirable.

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The preservatives, high sugar content and the lack of freshness of pre-packed items make them an unhealthy option.

Tip 1:

Take your own food. This isn’t adding to your luggage, it’s reducing the toll on your body. If you have a flight to catch and have a couple of hours to wait, carry some fruits along to munch upon. High-fiber energy bars, granola, salted nuts and carrot sticks are all ideal for those hours in transit. These foods work equally well on a long road trip with young kids in tow.

Tip 2:

Tailor it to your taste. Of course, it isn’t always possible to carry food along, especially if you’re rushing between cities trying to make that important deadline or getting to that conference. So, if you must eat out, make it healthy. Opt for low-calorie, high-protein items such as a whole-wheat sandwich with peanut butter. Stay away from deep-fried, fatty and sugary treats since they satisfy hunger, but aren’t kind to your heart and cholesterol count.

Tip 3:

Be ready to say ‘No’. Quite often, conferences and meetings go hand-in-hand with lavish buffet meals or an endless supply of coffee and donuts.  It’s very easy to fall into the trap of munching on a sugary delight in the midst of a long presentation. And, before you know it, you’ve consumed more than your fair share of snacks and junk food. Learn to politely refuse tempting sweets and treats.

Tip 4:

Stay hydrated. This tip works well for any form of diet control. The more water you drink, the less likely you are to binge and add unwanted calories. Drink plenty of water. Avoid aerated drinks and sugary sodas. Water also adds an important aspect to your travel. It keeps you energized and alert.

Tip 5:

Steer clear of junk food. As tempting as all those burger joints and pizza parlors appear, stay away from them. The overdose of cheese and fatty items will make you sick, especially when you have to be up early the next day for a 6-hour drive into the next district.

Tip 6:

Never skip meals. Very often, it’s easy to get so caught up in work that you forget to eat at the right times. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you all the energy you need to stay fresh and active for the challenges ahead. Try to take a balanced meal, high in fiber and protein, such as whole-grain cereal and eggs on toast. Wash it down with fresh fruits or juices.

Tip 7:

Detox your system. Every once in a while, the excessive travel will catch up with you. So, eat a light meal one day of the week, subsisting on fresh fruits and salads. This will help the system restore the balance.

While travel by itself may not prove very challenging, it’s critical to keep an eye on what you eat. Treat the body well and you can be assured of a sickness-free lifestyle for years to come.

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