Ecotourism – the latest travelling trend

Most people love to travel. They have a constant urge to get out there and explore what planet Earth has to offer. In their quest to discover foreign lands, there is every possibility that they may cause harm to the environment. This could be intentional or unintentional; either ways the harm is done. You need to make sure that while you revel in the fascination of new lands you do not stir trouble to Mother Nature. For this purpose, a new trend in travelling and tourism has been introduced – Ecotourism. While this term may sound swanky there is still little to explain about its concept. There is a lot of ambiguity that surrounds the term ecotourism. No one has really been able to come up with a definitive description or explanation as to what ecotourism is. Since it is an emerging trend, people are still exploring this side to tourism.


Many people are under the false impression that ecotourism is enclosing yourself in nature. They feel that this term simply means being in the midst of nature and everything else that nature has to offer. However, this is not entirely wrong but this explanation alone cannot justify ecotourism. It is far more complicated than you would like to think. Ecotourism has to consider both social and ecological factors. It simply means to reduce the harm or negative influence on a particular region that has tourists flocked. This is done by a series of management and co-operation techniques. Ecotourism encourages the travellers to leave behind a positive impression in their surroundings.

Ecotourism has multi faceted benefits. It encourages the travels to reduce the negative impact of their travel. It encourages people to conserve and create a bond with the locals and also to understand the local culture and conservation habits. It helps to create a strong bond between the visitors and the host as the travellers learn the act of co-operation in the maintenance of natural lands in their purest forms.

With the advent of ecotourism, came about a change in the hotel systems as well. Although this is not exactly very popular at the moment, it is safe to say that this trend is soon gaining momentum. The eco lodges are springing up in various places and very soon that is exactly how the hotels will function. An eco lodge makes efforts to prevent wastage as they preserve resources. How can a hotel make its own little contribution? They can reduce temperatures for laundry water; they could very well use solar energy instead of using electricity.  The best thing that hotels can do to be more ecological is recycle their waste products and use recycled products as well. They get a lot of waste products each day and they can make their own compost and treat the waste effectively.

But because people are opting for eco lodges, there is every possibility that certain hotels may claim to be eco lodges just to get more business and earn extra bucks. There is no official agency that promotes ecotourism and hence, it is very much possible that people will just exploit the term to make profit. Some hotels claim to be eco lodges simply because they provide a breathtaking view of the natural forests and earth in its most virgin form. Some hotels claim to be eco lodges because they have a good view of the wildlife. However, one should understand that ecotourism is not about watching the flowers bloom or seeing the animals hunt down their prey. Ecotourism is all about travelling around the world without causing damage to Mother Nature and improving the well being of the locals.

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Jessica is a travel agent and she loves the fact that people are making an effort to promote healthy travelling. She believes that a good traveller is one who does not affect the well being of others. A mother of 1, she loves travelling with her husband and child. Also she shares the deals on Tenerife hotels.

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