Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car

Those who can spare 2 weeks should definitely head out on road trip adventure to Turkey, looping around the western side of the country down the coast from Istanbul. Along the way, the alluring landscape, archaeological treasures and handcrafted artisan’s goods of the country will surely be experienced. Those who plan a road trip through Turkey will be able to explore as far and as much as they want to, and will be able to set their own itinerary.

Istanbul - Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car
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Starting Point – Istanbul:

It is true that an entire vacation could be spent exploring Istanbul’s wonders, but for those setting off on a road trip, there will be little time to see them all. Before driving off, travellers should definitely take a walk in the great halls of the Hagia Sophia, which was once a church, then a mosque, but is now a museum. The Blue Mosque that is nearby is equally lovely. Travelers may even stop by at the Grand Bazaar to do some shopping or they could dine at Asitane restaurant before leaving.

392 Miles To Ephesus:
Before hitting the open road along the western coast of Turkey, some driving time can be cut back by embarking on the IDO fast ferry and taking a 2-hour boat ride from Yenikapi, Istanbul to Bandirma. It will then be possible to reach Ephesus from there in the car within 5 hours, and since Ephesus is surrounded by small villages, they can be easily explored when traveling by car. One or two days should also be spent in Selçuk explore the most well-preserved ancient Roman cities in Europe. It is also home to the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the Ancient’s World’s 7 Wonders.

180 Miles To The Fethiye:
From Ephesus, the next stop is the city of Fethiye in the southeast, which is known for its beautiful beaches at Oludeniz. The city is also the starting point of the 311-mile Lycian Way. Since time will be of the essence, it would be better to hike along the seashore in Oludeniz and relish the scenic Blue Lagoon. Once enough sun has been soaked up, a coastal drive can be taken to stop at the ruins of Patara, and then heading over to Antalya, a beach town located across the Turquoise Coast.

Antalya - Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car
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185 Miles To Antalya:
Antalya is perhaps most well-known for its pleasant beaches and striking views of the tall Toros Mountains, away from the beach, there is lots of culture that can be enjoyed too. Over 5,000 archaeological finds are housed in the Antalya Museum, some of which date back to 50,000 years. Kaleiçi, the charming historic distract of the city can be entered at Hadrian’s Gate, through the colossal triumphal arch there.

340 Miles To Cappadocia:
From Antalya, the trip to Cappadocia in the northeast will be quite long, but the mesmerizing surrounding and striking architecture make the drive worthwhile. The complex Göreme Open Air Museum can be explored during the first day. Next, it will be worth driving over to Zelve Valley for some caves and rock formations. A day could be spent underground, exploring Derinkuyu and Kaymakli, which are abandoned subterranean cities.

After fully enjoying the road trip, it should not take more than 9 hours to drive back to Istanbul. Of course, before European travellers can take this route and enjoy a road trip to Turkey, they should make sure they have a driving licence. If they do not, they should first take a driving practical test.

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