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The increase in the tourists from the West flocking to the countries in search of a sunlight and sand has made the hospitality sector to boom. The hotels in Thailand are continuously on surge. The warm, weather, crystal clear water, flora and fauna, rich heritage and culture, water sports make this a heavenly place. The people are warm and friendly, thus making a pleasant experience.

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Thailand especially has a variety to offer to the tourists due to its culture, tradition and its abundant natural resources. The cuisine is among the best in terms of popularity. The Thai tourism industry provides luxurious accommodation at competitive rates and it ensures that the tourists keep coming back to this place. There are various hotels, resorts, spas, villas and other cottages that suit both your interest and budget.

Accommodation in Kohsamui is truly world class.  Apart from that, what make it distinct are superlative services that they provide.

What you can explore in KohSamui
As stated above accommodation in kohsamui offers all kinds of facilities to suit the needs of customer. The shopping malls have international brands at negotiated price. The pristine beaches, crystal clear warm water, water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, and how can we forget kayaking. The night life is enriched with several international artists performing in the resorts and clubs on a regular basis. The eco tourist experiences the heaven of flora and fauna in the natural environment. The health spas proffer rest, relaxation and rejuvenation therapy leaving you relaxed.

Other than you can visit the beaches in the Thai island like Phuket and KohSamui has always been center of attraction for the sun worshippers, especially in the last few decades after one of the movie shot has grabbed the imagination of the people. KohSamui is one among the smaller island of Phuket, yet it doesn’t lag behind in the tourist number because it offers a variety of things like pristine beaches, water sports, night life, calm and cool breeze to the travelers. The health resorts, shopping arcade, golf resorts, restaurants, boutique hotels and natural wildlife to cater to the tourists who need to indulge in the favorite pastime.

The signature facilities like

  • Airport Transfer’
  • Laundry
  • Baby sitting service
  • Soap craving
  • Fruit Craving
  • Thai cooking class
  • Fitness center
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water sports including snorkeling is available

These hotels also provide meeting room facility that can cater up to maximum of 100 people depending upon the sitting style like theater classroom, u shape, hollow shape, Hollow Square and banquet style.

Other than that, facilities like microphone, whiteboard, backdrop, lcd projector, flip charts, note pads, amplifier, speaker and microphone, hi speed internet connection, overhead slide projector, screen, clipboard and stand, registration desk along with the phone extension is also available.

Thus, kohsamui is a heavenly place to visit and hotels in kohsamui provides unforgettable experience.

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