European Travel Tips – Spend Time Wisely to See All There is in Paris

Paris is one of the world’s most outstanding cities. With spectacular sightseeing opportunities, awe-inspiring museums, impressive landmarks, delicious cuisine and beautiful architecture, it is a favorite tourist destination of travelers from across the globe. Those wanting the full Paris experience should consider the following:

Palace of Versailles - European Travel Tips - Spend Time Wisely to See All There is in Paris

The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is an opulent, incomparable castle featuring some of the most artistic architecture in existence. It boasts over 1,000 fireplaces, 2,500 windows, and 70 ornate staircases. The Gardens of Versailles are equally as intriguing, and guests are constantly amazed and delighted by the lovely sculptures, fountains and botanical scenery the Gardens contain.

The Arc of Triumph

Some individuals regard the Arc of Triumph as Europe’s most renowned monument. Many consider it a work of art that is both historically significant and artistically evocative. The Arc is decorated with carved battle scenes from various times in history. Travelers who are interested in European history will thoroughly enjoy visiting this impressive landmark.

The Louvre Museum

Boasting over 30,000 masterpieces, the Louvre Museum is a lovely, artistic tribute to French and European history and culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the world’s most visited museum. Open 365 days a year, all visitors should place this attraction on their must-see list and set apart a whole day to peruse the premises.

Eiffel Tower Paris - European Travel Tips - Spend Time Wisely to See All There is in Paris

The Eiffel Tower Seine River Cruises

No trip to the City of Light is complete without a cruise on the celebrated Seine River and a visit to the Eiffel Tower. The latter is perhaps Europe’s most recognized landmark, and viewing Parisian scenery from the Seine River is an unparalleled way to experience the city.

The Ô Château Winery

Paris is famous for its fine wines, and the Ô Château Vineyards provide an ideal opportunity to sample numerous varieties of incomparable French brews. Guides are available to introduce novice guests to basic tasting techniques, as well as provide engaging conversation for the experienced wine connoisseur.

An Interesting Development

In 2008, the people of Paris impressed travelers around the world with their innovative new transportation system. Over 20,000 bicycles can be rented for nominal fees at one of over 300 stations. As part of an environmentally-friendly transportation overhaul, both visitors and Paris residents can rent a bike and return it at any station in Paris after their excursion is over. A highly enjoyable way to travel around the city, this innovative system has revolutionized Paris sightseeing. Regardless of which landmarks and establishments travelers choose to visit while in Paris, unforgettable memories are essentially guaranteed to those who choose this enchanting city as their vacation destination.

Paris is a wondrous city full of rich history and modern innovation and whether you plan on staying at a vacation rental in France or just passing through, remember these tips next time you’re there for a fun time for everyone!

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