Everything that you should know before steeping your feet in Brazil

Brazil is a small country but is considered as one of the most important tourist destination among the top 10 vacation spots. Exploring Bahia and Pemambuco, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Amazon can be just simply outstanding with the traditional football matches and vibrating music. For spending your long summer vacations, no other spot can be perfect other than Brazil. During summer it becomes quite difficult to avail the cheap Brazil tickets because of the increasing number of tourists from all across the globe. This is the main season for discovering and exploring the beauty of this country. This is a lively country that offers get tourist destinations with a number of rivers, mountains and natural spots. Its bustling city life with local night clubs and awesome cuisines add a touch of serenity to its beauty.

Rio de Janeiro
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Enticing Brazilian beaches
Some of the famous beaches of the world are located in this area and family beaches are known widely among tourists where you can easily get accommodation facilities at cheap rates. If you love to enjoy the soothing warm sun rays, then these beaches could be an ideal option for you. Apart from enjoying your cocktail and sun bath you can also try out several water activities like diving, sailing, snorkeling and others. The warm and clean water of Brazilian water bodies can surely get you the opportunity for maximum enjoyments.

Brazilian rainforest
Apart from this Brazil also houses many specialties for nature lovers who can rent the holiday cottages that are designed especially for tourists with all the modern amenities. In order to explore the magnificent natural Brazil habitat you will need to spend at least a month or more in the country. You can travel the gigantic rainforest that is known to be one of the most attractive and famous pontos turísticos in the entire Brazil. You can even take a boat trip to watch the local fauna diversity down the Amazon River or simply relax, feeling the cool water breeze that can surely soothe your mind and soul.

The best of Rio de Janeiro
If you are seeking for true relaxation, away from the hustle bustle of the city life and parties, head out for the stunning Ilha Grande Island that lies at 150km off the west coast of Rio de Janeiro. This tropical small island houses only three settlements, covered with unspoiled rainforests and beaches. This is considered as one of the most beautiful pontos turísticos in the entire country that is yet not touched massively by huge tourist flocks. This island is visited widely by the locals during the weekends but still it retains the charm and quaintness. Presently, the tourism industry in Brazil is enjoying a boost because of the increasing number of tourists and travelers. If you are wondering about accommodation in this country, then simply forget the tension because there are endless options in Brazil within affordable ranges. Hotel Urbano is one among them that is known for providing umpteen options to find hotels at cheap rates, unbelievable services and arrangements of modern amenities.

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