Exciting Destination in Tunisia

Tunisia, a small North African country nestled between Algeria and Libya, the Mediterranean and the Sahara, has an extraordinary and tumultuous history. Following the period of Roman rule, when the legendary Hannibal guided his elephants across the Alps, Tunisia was dominated by the Arabs, the Ottoman Empire, then finally the French from whom the country won its independence in 1956. Today, Tunisia has a thriving economy which includes a significant tourist industry.

The Ribat, Sousse, Tunisia, North Africa
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Multiple archaeological UNESCO world heritage site site like Dougga, Sbeïtla, Carthage, etc. with their ancient roman and Byzantine cities with temple, stadium, cities, houses, etc. And the immense roman amphitheater in El Jem.

The picturesque hill side town of Sidi Bou Säid is famous for its blue and white houses. No visit to Tunisia can be deemed complete without visiting Medina, spices markets and souks. There, we will be charmed with a bit of traditional Tunisia.

The north of Tunisia is very delightful with is Greenland like
Lake Ichkeul, a World Heritage Site, particularly important as an avian sanctuary. and Tabarka, a delightful town offering both a sea and mountain ambience and famous since the days of antiquity for coral fishing. A visit to the monolithic rock in the sea, known a the “Needles” awaits you.

Beautiful Mediterranean coast of Hammamet, at times referred to as the “Saint Tropez” of Tunisia, Port El Kantaoui or Soussa or Djerba island to enjoy the beach and the sun.

Kairouan, an Islamic holy city, once a Muslim pilgrimage destination as significant as Mecca is today. Great Mosque of Sidi Okba which dates from the 7th century.

south of Tunisia
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The south of Tunisia is very charming with is dry land, the Sahara desert with the camels ride and the beautiful sunset in the dunes. Spectacular Chott El Jerid, the seasonal salt lake, a veritable land of mirages.

Experience something different like passing the night in a Saharan campsite like the berber or in a troglodyte berber home. Many site where there are filming films like Star Wars or English patient.

So, Tunisia is an exciting destination, ancient land of contrasts plenty of things to see, to do, to experience like anywhere else! The sun, the Sahara desert and the culture waiting you in TUNISIA!!!

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