Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays

Turkey is simply fascinating. From the beautiful beaches, coastline, historical sites, and blue voyage tours to the natural wonders; and from the grandeur shopping, nightlife to the rich cultural diversity and entertainment, there is a vast array of things to do. There is good reason as to why Turkey is among the top ten tourist destinations globally.

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For the Love of Action and Adventure

Turkey’s landscape is perfectly placed to cater for nearly all types of activities and sporting holidays. 

Thrill seekers can paraglide from the Babadağ Mountains, and experience the adrenaline rush from the 1900m height, over the Oludeniz lagoon, a spectacular sight. Others can opt to battle the Coruh River’s rapids or go underwater sightseeing.

Nearly every holiday destination and beach resort has energy filled water sports. Wind surfers can enjoy the popular Bitez and Cesme locations while scuba divers can enthral themselves in clear and warm waters with a visibility of 30m and over.

Both natural and historic treasures are observable beneath the water level and, what’s more, you need not be an experienced scuba diver to reach them. All through the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts there are excellent schools for scuba diving for all, from beginner to pro. You are assured of getting your money’s worth, and more.

Culture and Attractions

Turkey is a rich source of these: from the seven churches of Asia Minor, Anatolia where early Christians fought against pagans for their new faith to Istanbul’s Byzantine relics that tell the story of empire that was the eastern Christianity centre. You can go down the path of history from the times of the Trojans to the Ottomans all the way to modern Turkey, enjoying every bit and piece of the lavish heritage;

From the historical monuments and buildings to today’s galleries and museums, every holiday goer is spoilt for choice.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The Mediterranean country has a culture that is more than lively. Every season is catered for and every preference suited. One should be sure to enjoy the alfresco dining, especially during summer along the coast and Bosphorus. There are countless cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants everywhere, with big resorts and cities hosting the most popular of them all.

Meyhane, a social affair in which dines and drinks are accompanied by live music from traditional instruments, is a very popular amongst all ages. The music is a great way to explore the country’s culture, with traditional and modern music being bountiful as it is diverse.

Ease of communication

This is the case in Turkey. English is the second most-widely spoken language in the country, and one can easily find its speakers in most cities and resorts. Even details like restaurant menus and communication for foreigners are done in English print. As such, one gets to enjoy the Turkish experience to the fullest.

The Technicalities

When planning your holiday, ensure your passport is, at least, valid for 90 days. The length of stay for tourist varies between nationalities but it’s generally limited for 3 months per entrance. One can get a visa from Turkish embassies. Alternatively buy the visa upon arrival at the Turkish airport. One can see the Turkish visa desk just in front of passport control.

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