Experience Cape Town through its Guesthouses

Many people considered Cape Town, the gateway to Africa, as the best city in the world. What started as a colony has developed into a modern city with highways, hotels, harbors, shopping centers, and an airport with all the conveniences of modern amenities!

Cape Town
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For the uninformed, Cape Town is not an obscure jungle or wilderness, but you will discover that it fuses the old and the new. You will find older buildings with facades that will rival those in Europe with new skyscrapers dotting the skyline. You can see amazing gardens that were established since 1652 to provide fresh vegetables to ships surrounding the Cape.

You should not miss its number one tourist attraction, the Table Mountain, whose slopes are covered with fynbos and has numerous walking trails to climb the top. Cape Town is known for its spectacular scenery, pristine white beaches, and un-spoilt splendor. As one of the biggest bays in the world, it is home to a large variety of sea life like the great white sharks, whales, African penguins, among others.

It is also a heaven for wine connoisseurs with the finest wines from various wine estates. It is also home to the top five of the top 100 restaurants in South Africa, so you should not miss their culinary delights. For those seeking holiday thrills, there is a host of extreme sports to try such as shark cage diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, and paragliding.

Cape Town guest houses at Bickley are available for those who do not want to stay in up market hotels, but still want excellent accommodations.

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