Experience the Trip of a Lifetime at Byron Bay

When determining your next vacation spot, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia is definitely worth considering. Because of its beautiful location along the beach, its a hot spot for vacationers. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about Byron Bay and what makes it so attractive.

Byron Lighthouse
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Cape Byron Lighthouse
One of the most popular landmarks associated with Byron Bay is the Cape Byron Lighthouse, the country’s most famous lighthouse. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is also known for its sleek, clean appearance. This lighthouse dates back to the early 1900’s and reaches nearly 75 feet. This lighthouse serves as perfect place for spotting wales and admiring the distant scenery. This lighthouse is also noted for the gorgeous surrounding scenery that can be easily viewed with the help of car hire when driving up the windy road leading to it. Hiking around this lighthouse and picnicking are common activities enjoyed here.

Scuba Diving at Julian Rocks
Another exciting activity often experienced in Byron Bay is scuba diving at Julian Rocks, which is located quite close to Byron Bay. This area is a diver’s dream because there is a broad range of marine life to be observed here, including various kinds of sharks, whales, and more.

The Byron Spa & Wellness Centre at the Byron at Byron Resort
After visiting the Cape Byron Lighthouse or diving in the bay, you’re probably interested in a more relaxing activity. Luckily, with the assistance offered by car hire, you can ride up to the Byron Spa & Wellness Centre. This spa offers a plethora of serene activities to enjoy like massages, facials, body scrubs, and more. Some of the most luxurious services offered here include the Cypress Sojourn which offers exfoliation, a full body massage, and a manicure and pedicure, the Native Flora Journey which provides body exfoliation, hot oil treatment, and more. This spa also offers vitamin-enriched facial masks, scalp massages, and more. You can also enjoy a romantic massage with your partner at this serene day spa.

The Petite Snail
Another important component of vacationing at Byron Bay includes eating at one of the best restaurants. One of the best eateries in the area is The Petite Snail. Here, you can enjoy savory French cuisine complete with locally caught, fresh Byron Bay seafood. Delicious appetizers include escargot, French onion soup, fresh scallops with leek confit, marrow bones with garlic, and the mesclun salad with goat cheese and pine nuts. Exquisite main courses include duck legs with apple, pork ribs in a white wine sauce, rabbit with mustard, a platter of seafood that consists of mussels, clams, and baby octopus, filet mignon topped with blue cheese crumbles, and more. The Petite Snail also offers a divine dessert selection like crème brûlée with bourbon and vanilla flavors, Belgian chocolate, pancakes with grand mariner, French macaroons, apple cinnamon sorbet with apple brandy, vanilla ice cream, and more. The Petite Snail also showcases a wide array of French and Australian wines and ciders.

There’s no denying that a vacation at Byron Bay would be exciting and memorable. Whether you go sightseeing, get a relaxing massage, or enjoy a decadent meal, you’ll experience the trip of a lifetime with the help of local car hire.

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