Exploring Amazing Destinations Around Bahrain

The ancient Kingdom of Bahrain is the Dilmun land and the oldest merchant trading nation in the world. Even today, the Islanders are proud of their rich culture and heritage. They still regard themselves as part of the historical trading society.

Bahrain Financial Harbour
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With small towns and villages scattered around the Island, Bahrain still preserves many fascinating spots, each with its distinctive features to explore. The following are some of the reasons to choose Bahrain as you holiday destination:

  • You will get an opportunity to taste the local life.
  • You will have an adventurous experience with its peculiar souvenirs and knick-knacks.
  • The Island has manageable size with good road networks that will enable you to access any point.
  • It has vast historic features augmented with rich culture and heritage of the local people.

Below are some of the most fascinating destinations to explore during your stay at Bahrain.

Arad Fort

Arad Fort is one of the most significant historic features in the Island. It was first constructed in 15th century, and is one of the ancient forts in Bahrain. The fort was expansively reconstructed in 19th century during the time Omani occupied Bahrain. Consequently, it became the headquarters for the military operations during that time. The following are some of the things to know and experience during your visit to Arad Fort:

  • The fort is located at Muharraq Island, which is joined to the mainland by the Sheik Isa bin Salman Causeway
  • It has a craft marketplace with rides for children
  • There are traditional music performance held in the fort’s forecourt every Thursday and Friday in the afternoons.

Oil Museum

The museum has one of the most fascinating exhibitions in Bahrain. The museum is situated near the still-producing first oil-well in the entire Middle East. The official inauguration of the museum was held on June 2, the year 1992 in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bahrain’s oil discovery. It is the first nation in the whole of Middle East to do this. The following are some of the museum’s features:

  • It has the dinkum oil
  • There are exhibitions of old photographs, working model of an oilrig, and drilling equipment

Bahrain Fort

The fort is the original capital of Dilmun and represents one of the most important region’s ancient civilisations. The fort provides an adventurous site during your stay in Bahrain. Visit the fort and have experience with the following:

  • The richest remains of the ancient civilisation period
  • The written Sumerian references
  • A centuries-old mound created by different settlers in the area.
  • A 300 m by 600 m mound, which forms the base of a 12-metre high Portuguese Fort.
  • Ancient features are well restored and maintained.
  • It is worth visiting the fort to see its impressive stonework and a wonderful view of the whole city.

The Tree of Life

Just 2 kilometres from Jebel Dukhan along the highway between Awali and Riffa, you will get the Tree of Life. It is called the Tree of Life because:

  • It has managed to stand alone in a barren and lifeless desert for more than 4 centuries.
  • The acacia tree has not only survived without any visible source of water, but has also exceeded the scientific life expectancy of the species by more than 3 centuries.
  • The manner in which the tree has managed to survive for all those years remains a mystery.

There are several other spots and features to encounter during your visit to Bahrain. To travel to Bahrain so that you can explore these destinations, visit Bahrain Electronic Visa Services for online application of Bahrain visa to travel to Bahrain.

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