Exploring city of London with family in your own car

Having a family trip may sound overwhelming but with proper planning and the right means of transport, family day out in London may be one of the best adventures you will ever have. London is an exciting place for people of all ages. Parents and children alike will find places that interest both of them. A London excursion may prove more interesting than most outdoor events you would have had during your free time.

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There are a number of places that are recommended for a family day out during the London exploration. These places rage from parks that offer the natural feel to museums that are not only interesting sights to see but also provide essential lessons to the young ones. The following are a few places that should be visited when exploring London as a family in your car.

Art Galleries and Museums 

During your exploration of London, art galleries and museums are a must visit places. London has many museums and galleries that offer the perfect experience for a family. The city is also home to great artists and has among the world richest museums. Through a family car, many museums and galleries can be visited within a day. The Tate art gallery, the Royal Academy, the National gallery, and the National portrait gallery are among the preferred family destination. Using your family car, you can visit Kensington area where within a short time you can visit three great museums. The Albert and Victoria museums have activities for children and can still appeal to parents with their decorative arts.


Family shopping in London is definitely a memorable event. Shopping as a family main advantage is that the members of the family will be able to choose products of their choice and the variety that they like. The mobility offered by a car is unmatched by any form of transport. As the family shops in various bargain shops in London, the car will be essential in facilitating the exploration of shops in London and carrying the shopping.

London Parks 

You cannot explore London with your family and miss to visit the various parks within the city. London is home to a variety of green spaces that are ideal for a family outing. Parks such as Hyde Park, Bexleyheath, St James Park, and Buckingham Palace can be comfortable visited in a family car exploration.

London excursion

A London excursion involves a drive across the city visiting places like the London Tower and the London Eye among other memorable sites. These places offer a variety of activities for all members of the family. A visit to theaters and other places that fit all the needs of the family will be easy through a family drive of the city. A drive across the London Bridge will surely excite the family.

Sightseeing in London will never disappoint. Many places and buildings carry rich unique information in London. London is an old city full of culture and color. The city accommodates people of all ages. Before you go for the road trip ensure your car is ready. If you do not have a driving license book driving test.

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