Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

With a string of attractions, like cosmopolitan cities, welcoming towns, world-class national parks, natural hot springs, iconic gold mines etc— Colorado promises you a well-rounded family tour during your vacations. Frankly speaking, with such a wide array of activities- viz- nightlife, hiking, mountain biking, train rides, balloon ride etc to explore, it practically become a tad difficult for vacationers to plan their itinerary properly. However, even within that conspicuously short time, try and make it to, at least some of the special attractions mentioned below:

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Pikes Peak (Pike National Forest): This, perhaps, can be counted as one of those destinations that can emphatically fit in your itinerary simply by the virtue of the breathtaking views it affords. Located around a few miles from the Manitou Springs, this peak reaches an astounding 14,110 feet. Head out for the annual car rally, beginning in July, after braving a difficult climb up. The Pike National Forest is now in charge of protecting the entire mountain range.

Aspen: After Denver, Aspen remains the most advertised city of Colorado and quite rightly so. It provides a sweeping amalgamation of authentic cuisines, vibrant eateries, an iconic historical main street and opera along with a bevy of activities including wine tasting, snow sports and most importantly skiing.

Vail: Vail, nestled around a hundred miles from Denver, remains well-known as a resort destination and ski town. Naturally, it ends up experiencing a surge of tourists, who’re particularly fond of skiing- during the winters. However, there is no reason to believe that the city has lesser excitement in offing during the summers. With various events like sport races and concerts lined up throughout the season, Vail manages to maintain a decently steady inflow of tourists throughout the year.

Eagle: The Town of Eagle remains a big draw for tourists, with an adventurous bent of mind. Nestled comfortably between Grand Junction and Denver, the city hosts a series of exciting events all the year round— hiking, biking, camping, fishing, Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing and a lot more. While the well-maintained diverse terrains present some wonderful opportunities for adventurous sports like mountain biking, hiking and trail running, its pristine rivers offer stretches of unadulterated happiness for kayakers and rafters.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is located 130 miles southeast of Grand Junction. It’s a narrow gorge that’s more than 2,600 ft deep in certain places with the Palaeozoic era rocks cutting through it. Coyote, black bear, cougar or bobcat are some of the animals found here. The North Rim of the Canyon, otherwise accessible by Highway 92, remains closed during the winters owing to snow. It has twelve overlooks in total.

Breckenridge: Breckenridge offers you a slice of the exciting history of Colorado and is home to over 250 buildings that feature in the National Historic Register. It has some of the outdoor sporting facilities (for instance, hiking, fishing, hunting etc) along with the host of shops, eateries and ski slopes. Do keep track of the festivals it hosts from time to time.

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