Exploring Europe on Foot Offers Exciting Opportunities

For those who enjoy activity holidays, or are looking for a more unusual way to explore Europe, then a walking holiday may be the perfect solution. With plenty of countries to choose from, popular destinations include France, Italy and Spain.

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Exploring France and Italy
France and Italy offer plenty of choice for Walking holidays in Europe. France is popular for its wine regions. The wine trail is a 170 km trail that allows visitors to enjoy Alsace. This picturesque region contains forests, mountains, Romanesque churches, cultural gems and of course a number of vineyards and breweries. Riquewiher, Turckheim, Bergheim and Kaysersbergare just some of the areas that can be explored around Alsace and many of the vineyards in the region are also accessible on foot.

Between Positano and Praiano in Italy is a 10 km path known as The Path of the Gods. On the Amalfi coast, the path was named after the many Roman Temples that once stood there. With villages, quiet beaches and the opulence of Positano, walking along the Amalfi coast offers a different glimpse of Italian life.

In 2009, the Via Francigena pilgrim route was reinstated in Italy. Walkers can choose to walk different stretches of this route that starts in Canterbury and ends at St Peters in Rome. The 100 km stretch of route from Viterbio in northern Lazio to Rome offers hilly terrain and the chance to enjoy local cooking and hospitality. There is also the opportunity to explore Sutri, an ancient town that contains Roman ruins and an Etruscan necropolis.

Opportunities for Walking Holidays In Spain
The Way of St James or Camino de Santiago is actually a set of pilgrimages that can begin in a number of European destinations. To walk the full 780 km it would take around one month, but many walk the final 111 km from Sarria to Santiago.

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Other walking holiday ideas include in and around Navarre. Situated in Northern Spain, this is a region that offers view of the Pyrenees and other magnificent landscapes. There are a number of pilgrim routes cutting through this heritage-rich region. In Navarre, pagan rites and religious traditions exist side by side with ancient castles, monuments and a love of food, music and dance.

Because there have been a number of civilisations conquering Andalucca over many centuries, the region truly has its own distinct character. Moving out of its towns that contain Roman, Moorish and Baroque architecture into the countryside, Andalucca offers orange and olive groves, vineyards and sunflower fields. Beyond the meadows, the mountainous landscape offers an extensive selection of wild walking routes.

The natural landscape is not just the only place to enjoy a walking holiday. Walking can be a great way to see much of what cities have on offer. Walking the streets of Paris offers a glimpse of chic neighbourhoods, historical buildings and squares and of course the many cafes and restaurants. There is also the chance to follow in the footsteps of important figures such as Hemingway, Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre. There are many other European cities that offer interesting walking holidays, such as Montpelier, Rome, Helsinki and Berlin.

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With France, Italy and Spain providing many options for those wishing to explore on foot, the only decision to make is whether to choose guided or self-guided walks. Whichever option is decided upon, walking holidays offer the opportunity to see what Europe really can offer.


Jeff Taylor writes regularly on walking holidays for a range of travel blogs and sites. Jeff also makes the most of his annual vacations by exploring different regions of Europe on foot. In this article he is providing us some valuable information on walking holidays in spain.

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