Exploring Freycinet – The Coastal National Park of Tasmania

Tasmania is a land of breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. One of the most popular destinations in Tasmania is Freycinet and the Coastal National Park of Tasmania. In 1802 the French explorer Nicolas Baudin named the peninsula after one of the Freycinet brothers, officers on his ship. Mt. Freycinet is the highest peak in the Hazard Range reaching 620 metres.

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Hikers and walkers of all levels will find this range a challenge rewarded with spectacular views. The white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay make it a favorite scuba diving and snorkeling spot for travelers from all over the world. Bird lovers can see several species in the area including the white-bellied sea eagle, Australasian gannets, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and crescent honeyeaters.

Walking Tours of Freycinet National Park
The park offers five walking tours, each one with its own challenges and rewards. Four of the five tours can be completed in one day, and the last one is a two day walking plan.

  • The Capeville Tour is a 20 minute circuit walk which includes the unmanned lighthouse constructed in 1971. This is a very easy walk and does not include any steep inclines.
  • The Wineglass Bay Lookout tour takes approximately one and a half hours to complete. This walk includes a steep rocky climb with spectacular views of Wineglass Bay as a reward. Walkers will also be treated with formations of some of the most beautiful granite forms in the park.
  • The Wineglass Bay walk includes the lookout and traverses across the isthmus. This walk will take you about two and a half hours. The way is a bit steep so small children may not enjoy the walk or be able to keep up.
  • Go further on and enjoy the Hazards Bay Circuit. This walk continues on from the lookout walk and includes a walk across the tombolo-dune barred lagoon system. It should take you about three and a half hours to complete the walk.This marshy low isthmus is made of alluvial deposits and Holocene sand with low hills of weathered granite and is in contrast to the bare granite of the Hazards and Mt. Freycinet-Mt. Graham mountains.
  • If you want to take in all that Freycinet has to offer, take the Freycinet Peninsula Circuit walk. This is among one of Tasmania’s Great Short Walks. This 30 kilometre walk takes you around the Hazard Mountains to Hazard Beach. Walkers then proceed to Cooks and Bryans Beaches. Walkers should allot at least two days to complete this walk, or longer if you decide to rest for a few days on the beach. It is recommended you complete this walk in a counterclockwise direction to prevent the spread of the plant pathogen Phytophthora, known commonly as root rot. The best time to take on this walk is between the months of December and April because of the long days and temperate weather. There are no accommodations on the circuit and walkers are encouraged to pack their own gear, plenty of water, and be ready for unexpected weather conditions.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Freycinet
Camp sites are available for visitors of the park with powered and unpowered sites. Some of the sites also include cold showers. If you plan on visiting during the Christmas season, be aware a ballot is drawn for reservations. It is recommended you contact the park for more information. Enjoy the natural beauty of the area with the many walks and activities offered at Freycinet, one of Tasmania’s most beautiful and popular natural habitats.

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