Exploring the Greek islands

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Whether you desire ancient history or an attractive nightlife you’ll find your heart’s desires on the Greek Isles. A great place to start is the island of Paros. The island of Paros features convenient ferries to the mainland and many of the other islands in the Cyclades. Paros offers beachgoers miles of golden sand and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Young partygoers can dance to their hearts contents in many of the islands nightclubs and party beaches. There is a reason why Paros is one of the isles popular tourist spots.

Those searching for a bit of history and culture would be wise to include the island of Samos in their vacation itinerary. Some sites to see would be the Temple of Hera and the Eupalinian aqueduct. The Eupalinian aqueduct is considered to be one of the engineering marvels of the ancient world. Samos also features stunning beaches and a multitude of fun water activities such as swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Do all this while enjoying a glass of Samian wine which is well known and produced on the island. Samos offers a little bit of something for everyone and visiting this lovely island is an experience like no other.

Those focused mostly on sightseeing would be wise to include the island of Chios in their destination. The island’s historical sites include an 11th century monastery, Nea Moni. A medieval castle lines the island’s main harbor dating back to the Ottoman rule although evidence has been found showing its settlements may be much older, almost 2000. B.C. On the island of Chios is a small town called Vrontados, the birthplace of Homer. Those who find this fascinating can also visit the archeological site connected to this famous poet called Teachers Rock.

There is much to do and see in a visit to the Greek Islands. Sun, fun and a bit of history await you on the vacation of your dreams. In this modern day age of technology the internet is a great way to search for the vacation and vacation price you desire. Why pay more when cheap flights and discount flight tickets can be found with just one mouse click. Pay less for your trip and have more time enjoying the finers things in life in the destination you deserve.

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