Exploring the Heart of the Mediterranean- Malta

Malta is a Southern European country and is a group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Visit Malta and enjoy your holiday with beach, valley and peaceful accommodation facilities. It is globally renowned Tourist resort including Historic monuments, and Megalithic temples which is the oldest free standing structures in the world. Malta has had an important place in the history and even the world beyond. From the Phoenicians to British control, nations and tribes have fought over this island for centuries. There is a fusion of African, European and Middle Eastern culture which makes Malta unique.

Valletta - Malta
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There are many sporting activities if you’re feeling energetic. Malta’s relatively small size makes that easy, and there is a huge amount to see, such as the magnificent old city of Valletta, galleries and museums, temples of Malta and more. The historical and architectural structures that you should explore in the town as you go out of your accommodation in Malta are the ruins of the Roman temples which built by the Phoenicians.

The seaside many inlets and beaches, so sports like canoeing and sailing as well as fishing are all popular. Find a car hire Malta is one way of getting around the island, while a choice of ferries will get you to the other islands nearby. For many the highlight of an explore to Malta is the wonderful bijoux Valetta. So, don’t miss it. UNESCO, in awarding Valetta its World Heritage listing referred to Malta’s capital as “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world“.

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