Family Holiday on a Budget

As the economic situation continues to look grim and the costs of living rise for working families, it can often be difficult to find the money for a family holiday. However, with some careful planning and preparation, getting away for a decent break need not be overly expensive and there are many ways that a family can enjoy a superb holiday without spending a fortune.

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One way to cut down on expense is to stay in the United Kingdom rather than travel abroad. Flights and foreign travel is often the most expensive part of a foreign holiday and staying in Britain completely cuts all this expense. It also trims the amount of hassle that is likely to be faced, cutting down on issues like passports, language and currency exchange. With less stress then, as well as less expense, staying in the UK is a good choice to make.

There is also plenty to see and do in Britain. So much so, in fact, that it seems a shame to leave it all behind in the summer. There are marvellous beaches all along Britain`s coastline, from the sunny sands of Cornwall to the silver seas and white sands of Northumberland. Lovers of the mountains can head to Wales, Cumbria or Scotland, while visitors to cities such as York, Edinburgh and Oxford find history in every step.

Another way of cutting down on the expense of a family holiday is to find different types of accommodation. Camping is a fun way of spending time as a family and there are thousands of high quality campsites located throughout the United Kingdom. Many of them are well-appointed in terms of facilities, with bathrooms, shops and night time entertainment on offer. Living under canvas or in a caravan can add to the sense of adventure as a family and offers some new perspectives on life and how to enjoy it.

For people who do not fancy a spell under canvas, then there are other economic ways of finding good holiday accommodation. Self-catering holiday cottages can often be found for very reasonable prices in great locations and with a bit of careful looking at the right times some great deals are offered. Renting a more palatial house with its own grounds is also possible in some places and this works well for people who are travelling in groups of more than one family.

Of course, one other good way of saving money is to collect low cost holidays voucher codes from travel websites and other sources. Collecting these can really make significant bites into the travel costs of holidays both at home and abroad. Using them to help fund the right holiday can mean significant savings, making a break in the UK even more cost effective.

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