Famous Attractions in Kentucky

Welcome to the homeland of Abraham Lincoln! I had already visited Kentucky before and let me tell you that the place is simply unbelievable. Among a multitude of varied famous attractions in Kentucky, the most engaging and pulling attractions are the historical sites including the birthplace of our most beloved president, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln - Famous Attractions in Kentucky

I have already explored these attractions, but in the desire to visit those, I could not discover the other main attractions including some great cultural and natural highlights. Let me tell you that nature resides in Kentucky in its own unique state whose charm and grandeur is spread everywhere. So, here are those left behind famous attractions in Kentucky for which I was encouraged to plan for one more visit.

My Visit

In my first visit, I had already visited Lexington and Louisville. So, I took a tour of the left behind areas of this Bluegrass Country. The reason why it is so called is the fact that the land produces a variety of grass that holds a small blue flower in early spring. My first target was the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill located at some 30 minutes from Lexington. This is the legendary site where the Shaker religious cult lived in the 19th century, whose life was very simple. For visitors, the 5000 acre farm and a living history museum are the main highlights.

Close to the Harrodsburg is the most ancient permanent English hamlet to the west of the Alleghenies. If you wish to know their beliefs and traditions, it is really exciting to do so. Then, I headed to the Old Fort Harrod State Park wherein you can come across a part of the mock-up fort of 1774. Herein, actors wearing the robes of the 18th century perform very skillfully in form of blacksmithing and quilting. In Newport that is nestled at the north of the State, do visit the Newport Aquarium that is open all the days. This is a marine dreamland that features thousands of aquatic species from throughout the world. Spot sharks, penguins, otters, birds, turtles, and much more via the real looking displays. In 2004, a new permanent exhibit was opened for the public that adds to the excitement. From downtown Cincinnati at Newport, it is a matter of just two minutes.

Downtown Cincinnati - Famous Attractions in Kentucky

I then explored the eastern Highlands where the extensive Daniel Boone National Forest along with its splendid Red River Gorge covers the entire area. At each end, you can marvel at the two most visually striking lakes namely, Cave Run Lake and Laurel River Lake. One more highlight here is the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is a national park spanning across the Kentucky–Tennessee rim.

Now, it was the turn to discover some captivating museums. The Museum of the American Quilter’s Society at Paducah is regarded as largest quilt museum on the planet. It is the home to over 150 quilts whose exhibits change quite often. Check out for all the modern art quilts to traditional and antique quilts. I am sure this will be very exciting for you. Next, the International Bluegrass Music Museum at Owensboro is the State of the art, interactive museum. It preserves and motivates the development of bluegrass music that is the Kentucky’s local sound. Expect changing exhibits, hearing some old and new music, a guided tour with instrument demonstrations, and creating your own music.

The National Corvette Museum at Bowling Green is where you will be amazed to see over 75 Corvettes. Dedicated to America’s sports car, there are classics in new condition, one of the prototypes that was never produced, racetrack champions, and instances of modern engineering and design. This museum is nestled at a distance of 1.25 mile from the Corvette Assembly Plant on I-65 exit 28.

Kentucky Museum - Famous Attractions in Kentucky

Recommended by Duncan Hines, the Kentucky Museum at Bowling Green is the home to a variety of items – objects, documents, scripts, photographs, and uncommon books to educate you on Kentucky. The library boasts a vast zone on genealogy and the largest exhibit of the Civil War documents. The recommended permanent exhibit offers 11 zones dedicated to the local life.

Butcher Hollow in Paintsville is the Loretta Lynn’s birthplace, who is world-renowned star in the field of music. Its captivating vistas and contemporary neighborhoods such as Lexington and Louisville are all on the hot list of any tourist who comes to explore this region as their hiking destinations. This is also the home of Crystal Gayle. As a visitor, you need to stop at the #5 store so that you can be availed of a guide. This was all about the famous attractions in Kentucky.

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