Favorite Hotel Room Arrival Surprises – Experiences from a Seasoned Traveller

I have traveled to so many countries, I have lost count. There is one thing I do enjoy about staying in all those hotels, whether they are, cheap hotels, or some of the top 5 star accommodation – a free surprise room gift on arrival. Whether the gifts are expensive or not does not matter. It is the thought that counts.

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If you are anything like me, you know all about hotel and other types of accommodation. I have stayed in so many rooms, from the worse hostels to the best hotels. Sometimes it is not always the price that indicates how good a room can be. You might wonder if the photo you saw on the hotel’s website, was of one and only room – not the one you are in! On the other hand, I also have had some pleasant surprises. Here is a look at some hotel and room gifts, and room presentation, that I have been particularly happy about.

●      Free Mini-Bar. Now this rarely happens, but there are some hotels I have stayed in (one in Korea comes to mind), where the goods in the mini-bar were there for consumption. In many hotels I have stayed in, there are at least a few items that are there for your free consumption. Do not consume other ‘paid’ items and attempt to replace them with something you bought outside – I don’t know how they know, but they do!

●      Gift Basket. We all know this one, but how often do you get it as a gift? Whether it is fruit, or chocolate, or whatever, there is nothing like getting one of these beauties to change the mood soon after arrival. The best would have to be fruit, and they must be pretty inexpensive, but it is the thought that really counts. The fruit will do a lot for your mood by hydrating your body and adding the right kind of sugars to your blood. Chocolate might look great, but we all know that too much of it is not good for us. You might get a sugar rush, and end up paying for it later.

●      Adult. Strangely enough, I have found hotel rooms in some of the most ‘straight’ feeling countries, often have the most odd gifts. You will have to let your imagination run wild with this one. Mind you, I will admit that I have found more than flavored condom packet in some very formal looking business hotels.

●      Gift Card. Have you ever got one of these? These are normally for one of the services in the hotel that would generally cost a lot of money. I notice these often turn up when they know there are two of you staying. The gift card is for one, and for something they know you will want to do together. It is still great to get what is essentially a 2 for the price of 1 offer (especially if it is a tennis racquet hire).

●      Personal Bathroom. This is another of my favorites. I have had a competition with myself to see how long I could go with only using personal products that I picked up from hotels. The worst thing when a particularly good item runs out, and you know you will never get it again – where can I get that shampoo that makes my hair just right, natural, and with no frizz? You can feel like you want to go back to hotel and room again, just so you can get your hands on those personal items again.

●      Slippers. This is my all-time favorite. Not the ordinary slippers you get that can only last a day or two, and you still take them with you because they just give you a special feeling of being on holiday, I am talking about a pair you can keep for months. This has only happened to me once, in a hotel I was staying in New Orleans. I am afraid to share the information, because I am sure there will be such a rush, they might not continue this special little gift.

If you are a hotelier, and I hope you are reading, please add similar items to your room. Make them a surprise, because everyone does really feel great when they get them.

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