Fiji Cheap Travel Tips

Fiji cruises are a great way to get to Fiji on the cheap. There are many cruises that start in Fiji itself or from somewhere in Australia or the South Pacific. But there are also many other ways to save money during your next trip to the beautiful South Pacific archipelago—here are some of our best cheap travel tips for Fiji!

Fiji cruise

Cheap flights are available 

There are many cheap flight websites out there, but the rule remains: if you’re going to buy the flight separate from the hotel, it’s better to book in advance. However, if you’re booking an all-inclusive with flight included, last-minute deals abound. In either case, flying in the summer is always cheaper than in the winter, as many Northerners enjoy taking a tropical vacation between November and March. Travel off-season and save!

Look for cabanas and hostels

You could probably spend a fortune on two nights in luxury Fiji hotels, but there are many smaller and more modest resorts that provide excellent value for a low price. Some of them are isolated beach resorts, and others are youth hostels in the heart of bigger cities like Nadi or Suva. Some hotels and resorts sell unoccupied rooms for cheaper at the last minute; it’s always better, again, to go during the off-season.

Travelling around the islands

Travelling around the islands and in the cities can be challenging. If you’re staying on a resort, they probably have their own boat and will take you to your hotel. Backpackers have to take often unsafe local boats to hop in between the islands, so avoid them if the weather doesn’t look too good or if the boat seems overcrowded. There are no life jackets, most of the time…

In the cities, however, transport is easy and cheap. Buses are effective and regular and have developed quite an extensive network. If you’re walking around in rural parts of the main islands, you can often just hail a bus on the road and it’ll pick you up.

Hitch-hiking isn’t exactly recommended (it’s not always safe) but it you absolutely have to resort to it, drivers expect to be paid the equivalent of a bus fare. Locals do it a lot themselves, especially in the rural parts of Fiji. However, avoid hitching around Nadi and Suva, as there is more criminality around these cities. Never hitch alone.

Buying and haggling

When you’re out at the market, you may be tempted to haggle the price of produce or souvenirs. You can certainly haggle with Indians—they’re used to it and it’s a cultural expectation. However, Fijians will not haggle for prices, so don’t bother.

Prices will be pretty low in general, but expect higher cost in upscale malls. Open-air, public markets are your best bet for the best prices.

And while you’re in Fiji, you can prepare the next leg of your trip in Asia by booking a room in one of many Malaysia hotels. After all, with all the money you’ve saved in Fiji, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stick around a little longer!

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