Five Can’t Miss Caribbean Travel Experiences

Between the pristine, turquoise shores and obvious beauty, it’s no wonder the Caribbean Islands are one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world. Sure, it is easy to relax on a white beach for a week, but visitors who seek adventure should not miss out on these five uniquely Caribbean experiences.

Cave on Norman Island

Explore the Caves

The cave systems of the Caribbean Islands are geological feats that rival the beauty of its picturesque beaches. Grab a tube and float through Three Caves in Belize City, then hop on a tram and experience the winding caverns of Harrison’s Cave in Bridgetown, Barbados. You might even go on foot through the spectacular Green Grotto Cave located in Falmouth, Jamaica.

Zip line through St. Lucia’s Tropical Rainforest

St. Lucia’s lush topography is a marvel that should not be missed, and what better way to experience it than from above? Zipping through the canopies will give visitors a better chance to spot some of the island’s rare, endemic birds like the St. Lucia pewee, and the Semper’s warbler. It’s certainly a one of a kind adventure you don’t want to skip.

Great Blue Hole - Belize

Dive in the Great Blue Hole

Located in the Lighthouse Reef roughly 60 miles off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is one of the most coveted dives in the world. As divers descend into its depths, they can expect to pass through schools of reef sharks, and get an up close look at its prehistoric and colorful stalactites.

Fill up on Reggae

Reggae is an integral aspect of the Jamaican culture, and visitors who wish to better engage with the island’s lifestyle can catch a live show any day of the week. Many of the beaches are filled with reggae artists in the evening, and vacationers staying in Negril can peruse over to Alfred’s Beach Palace for nightly acts.

Deep Sea fishing

Deep Sea fishing in the Cayman Islands

Fishing enthusiasts can take part in one of the many deep sea fishing tours offered by the local charters. The ocean floor plummets quickly off the coast of Grand Cayman, making its coastal waters an exceptional and easily accessed location to catch a range of big fish like blue marlin and Mahi-Mahi. According to IRG International Realty Group Ltd who sell Cayman homes, this island is one many people choose to make a permanent home as well.

The diversity of the Caribbean Islands makes for endless opportunities to explore, relax, and adventure. No matter the island, visitors are fated to partake in unexpected and unforgettable experiences will leave them with an insatiable desire for more.

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