Five Classic Rides at Alton Towers

Alton Towers continues to be one of the UK’s most popular and best-loved theme parks. For those seeking thrills and high-adrenaline rushes aplenty, there’s nowhere better in the country than the famous park situated in the rolling Staffordshire countryside.


So which five rides should you make you get your place on this year?

Need we say more? The name itself is renowned for being innovative, scary and fun all at the same time. Being one of the only inverted loop rollercoasters in the world (where the trains go around the outside of loops rather than the inside), it has remained one of the theme park’s most popular rides, despite now being nearly 20 years old! Giving its riders a g-force of 4 and 81km/h of speed, this isn’t one that you’re going to forget in a hurry!

Just as innovative yet slightly newer (though already considered a classic by many ‘coaster fans) is Air. A one-of-a-kind style ride, you are pulled into a ‘flying’ position at the start before swooping and soaring through the air so it feels like you are a bird, a plane or maybe even a superhero! This is the ride that really should NOT be missed on a trip to Alton Towers.

The Smiler
OK, so The Smiler is Alton Towers new ride so it can’t yet be considered a ‘classic’, however it looks that good that its bound to reach legendary status for fans of rollercoasters soon enough. Designed to loop the rider at high speeds in so many ways that they become completely dizzy, it’s sure to be a hit when it opens in May 2013.

Oblivion carries on Alton Towers’ quest to design inspiring and innovative rollercoasters. Opening in 1998, it was the world’s first vertical drop ride with the aim of scaring the hell out of people! Pulling a carriage up 100 feet, it hangs the suspecting riders over a huge, dark hole before they fall towards the ground in a matter of seconds. Terrifying, breath-taking and strangely addicting, it always ensures people come back for more.

Rita Queen of Speed
Also the first of its kind built in the UK; Rita launches its riders up to speeds of 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds, pulling 4.7 g-force as it rattles its way down the long track. Rita, along with Stealth at sister attraction Thorpe Park which, like Alton Towers, is also owned by the company Merlin, is the kind of ride that never ever gets old no matter how many times you dare yourself to get on. For the biggest thrill, make sure you sit right at the front to experience just how fast this ride goes!

About the author
James Noel is an adrenaline junkie and rollercoaster enthusiast. He enjoys going to many of the theme parks around the UK but thinks Alton Towers is definitely the best. He has already booked his tickets to go on Alton Towers new ride The Smiler this summer.

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