Five Great Places To Visit While Traveling In Canada

Canada is so much more than America’s big neighbor to the north. This country has its own history full of battles, discoveries, and mind-blowing events that are often overlooked. Here are five must-visit places in Canada:

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1. The Western Coast

One of Canada’s many wild places, the west coast is marked by breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife. A visit to the coast can result in bear and whale sightings while hiking along a coastal path, or a journey through the dark forests to discover someplace no one has stepped in years. It’s a great place for any outdoor enthusiast or adventure-seeker.

2. Banff

This small town rests at the base of the Canadian Rockies, and provides visitors with a respite from the outside world. Perfect for nature lovers, the many mountain trails provide ample hiking opportunities. The great food and nightlife means that those who want to get their groove on have plenty of places to do so.

3. Niagara Falls

Sure, you may have seen it from the American side, but Canada offers a whole new view of the iconic landmark. With much more than just millions of gallons of water pouring over a cliff, there are many casinos, hotels, and wineries to keep visitors entertained, and museums to educate about the Falls.

4. Toronto

Toronto is a huge city that is the Canadian equivalent to New York City. A visit to Toronto is nearly equivalent to traveling the world. Between Greek town, Korea town, and Little India, the pockets of multiculturalism that exist all throughout this city can give culture shock equal to that of stepping off a plane thousands of miles away.

5. Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray may not seem like much at first, but this relatively small town is home to the Oil Sands Discovery Center, one of the major focal points of Canadian history. There are also numerous parks and nature trails nearby to provide an escape from the toils of civilization out into the untamed wilds of Alberta. Fort McMurray hotels are some of the best around, providing all the comfort you need during your stay.

Canada has many attractions for its visitors, and this list isn’t nearly enough space to name them all. When you pay a visit, make sure to explore the area thoroughly and experience all that Canada has to offer. As far as accommodations go, the best Canadian Motor Inns are located throughout the country, providing ample places to stay no matter where you are.


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