Five Of The Best Trips To Go On This Coming Spring

Spring fever is setting in and you are ready to put winter behind you. It is time to hop in the car or catch a plane. As you aim to satisfy your hunger for adventure, you’ll need to figure out a great destination. Take a look at five of the best trips to go on this coming spring.

Go On This Coming Spring

Wander into Washington D.C.

The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, the center of attraction during the National Cherry Blossom Festival that is held in the nation’s capital each spring. You’ll be surrounded by an incredible vista of pink blossoms everywhere you go between March and April. A visit to the White House is a must, including the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. For the wine enthusiast, there is a wine festival at Mount Vernon and the National Cathedral Flower Mart is in full swing. You might even catch the DC Jazz Festival.

Don’t Forget Disney

Everyone has to make a pilgrimage to Disney World in Orlando, Florida at some point in their lives. If you time your trip well, you can miss the spring break crowds and beat the intense heat that’s on the way in the summer months. Book plenty in advance to take advantage of great packages when it comes to plane fare and resorts.

Discover Why Georgia is a Real Peach of a Place

Venture into Georgia and you’ll have a host of wonderful places to choose from, including Atlanta, Savannah, and St. Simons Island. Once you’ve picked your pleasure, getting around is easy, whether you choose car rentals in augusta ga, the bus or a train to find the hot spots.

Escape to the U.S. Virgin Islands

If you’re in the mood for the tropics and want to celebrate the birth of a new season, Carnival in St. Thomas is a top pick. You’ll be in for a party that engulfs the whole island.

Gaze at the Grand Canyon

Most tourists choose this Arizona favorite during the summer months. Beat the crowds and enjoy this natural wonder that is the stuff that legends are made from. Walk the Bright Angel Trail and visit the North Rim to be stunned by the Canyon’s awesome beauty.

It might seem like an eternity, but spring really is just around the corner. Get out the maps and travel brochures, book your rooms, and prepare to enjoy yourself.

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