Fly Off To Israel At Nominal Price

Once you’ve booked your holiday in Israel, you can look forward to trip where you can take in some incredible sites and attractions. From Mount Masada and Jerusalem, to sun-soaked Eilat in the south to the Negev Desert as well as bustling Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv

During your vacation you can also take part in a host of exciting activities – you could try floating on the Dead Sea, horse riding or hiking in the Galilee. If your budget is tight that’s not a problem either if you do some careful planning beforehand.

Book well in advance to get cheap flights to Israel

The more flexible you can be about when you travel the more likely you’re going to get cheap flights. Flights are expensive at certain times of the year travel including during public holidays. Summer is also a busy time to visit, and it’s best to avoid traveling to Israel during certain events, for example the highly popular Gay Pride week. If you can travel outside these peak times you have the best chance of getting cheap flights to Israel. You’re also likely to get better quality accommodation at an economical price. If you can book your flights, hotel and car rental via your flight operator you can often get a great deal too.

No-frill flights

It’s possible to get flights to Israel from all main cities in the world. If you don’t mind traveling in economy class and can manage without too much luggage, this ups the odds of getting a cheap flight. Plus, if you’re willing to travel at more inconvenient times, for example early in the morning or late at night, you can often get a discount on your flight.

As part of a budget trip to Israel you can enjoy:

  • Fabulous markets where you can purchase all your basic necessities at a low price. During your stay take advantage of Israel’s colorful food markets or ‘shuks’. Here you can buy authentic tasty foods at a fraction of the prices found in a supermarket. When you’re in Jerusalem head to the Machane Yehuda Market, where you will find anything you could possibly want at affordable prices. When in Tel Aviv make sure you visit Carmel Market. Elsewhere you’ll find that every town or city has its own well stocked markets.
  • Try hostel accommodation. If you’ve never considered a stay in a hostel think again. Israel’s hostels often offer top quality accommodation that rivals a good hotel at a great price. Many hostels are situated in historic buildings somewhat off the beaten path and give you an authentic Middle Eastern experience you won’t get at a chain hotel. There’s also the option to rent a property for your vacation, and there are thousands of apartments and Zimmers to choose from.

One of the very first things to consider is how to get cheap flights to Israel, and here are some tips on how to do this.

If you manage your budget wisely during your trip to Israel, you may be able to splash out on a luxury night in a five star hotel or dine at a top restaurant. Or you can save your money for morecheap flights to Israel so you can return for another holiday in the near future.

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