Foods you should not miss during your China visit

Chinese cuisine is a favorite with majority of people. This is because of the fact that Chinese foods have amazing tastes and flavors, thanks to the use of varieties of sauces in the different preparations. However, when you visit China, you will see that the ‘Chinese’ dishes which you enjoyed thoroughly in your home country are not available in the country! Basically the ‘Chinese’ food that we are used to is not authentic Chinese. Some variations are made to the cuisine to make it appealing and tempting to the local people in the country.

Peking Roasted Duck - Foods you should not miss during your China visit

When you visit China, you should definitely try their authentic cuisine so that you can understand the difference. You can then come back to your country and tell your local Chinese restaurant about the authentic dishes which you enjoyed in China. Here are some of the Chinese dishes with which you are sure to fall in love during your China visit:

  • Ma Po Tofu–This is one of the oldest and most favorite Chinese dish. The tofu dish is quite spicy with browned ground beef. The whole preparation is done in a savory sauce, which has generous toppings of green onions. Eaten with white rice, Ma Po Tofu is a common item in all the restaurants in China. Many people tend to ignore this particular dish for the tofu content, but it has a great ability of uniting the right dose of spices and sauces with the texture of tofu and ground beef. A must try dish during China visit.
  • Peking Roasted Duck–When it comes to the best Chinese dishes in Beijing, roasted duck needs special mention. Infact this dish has gained international popularity. Originated in the Yuan Dynasty, this dish now stands for cultural symbol of authentic and conventional Chinese cuisine. Once the duck is cooked, it is sliced by the chef right in front of the diners. The slicing is important and considered as an art in itself. The specialty of the dish is that the skin remains crisp, while the inside of the duck remains succulent. Savory pancakes are served with the duck roast. The slices are wrapped in the pancakes with spring onions and sweet bean sauce.
  • Hot Pot–This dish is considered as a Chinese favorite. Hot pot is not only a meal, but a pastime. In the center of the table, a large cauldron is placed with boiling water. Pick your own choice of meats and vegetables to be cooked in the pot. Once they are well boiled and soft, bring them out and dip in salty and savory peanut butter sauce. This meal runs on a slow pace and is a favorite of people during get-togethers or when friends meet together. The experience of sharing food from the hot pot is a great one indeed.
  • Sichuan Shredded Chicken–This is a spicy chicken stir fry dish, which is popularly known as ‘you xiangrousi’. Shredded chicken is used in the dish which is cooked extremely quickly on high heat. Various kinds of ingredients are used in this dish including bamboo shoots, carrots and green peppers. The sauce in which the vegetables and the chicken is stir-fried is a bit sour and bit sweet. There is a pleasantly strong pungent flavor in this savory dish, which comes from the abundant amount of garlic, which is used in the dish preparation. This flavor enhances the craving for the dish significantly.
  • Wonton Soup–Popularity of wonton soup has increased globally as it has become a favorite of many people. When wonton soup (huntun tang) is served, you will find it similar to the soup that you have been served in your own country. The broth is lighter in color and the wontons (huntun) are amazing. The filling in the wontons is mainly of diced shrimp or minced pork. In many places, combination of shrimps and pork is seen. The food is not only filling, but also hearty. Wontons are eaten by Chinese people at the winter solstice. This has been in practice since the Tang Dynasty.

There are innumerable other sumptuous dishes, which are exclusive to China. Once you visit the country, try eating at the local eateries to get the best flavors and tastes of the country.


Author Bio: Dorothy Jones is a food connoisseur and a food blogger as well. She has traveled the globe with the desire of tasting local cuisines of different countries. A resident of Atlanta, she obtained Chinese visa in Atlanta for going to China. With valid China visa in Atlanta, she explored the various provinces in China and tasted their exclusive cuisines.

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