Fun Canadian Cross-Country Road Trip Memories to Last a Lifetime

A road trip across the beautiful expanse of Canada sounds dreamy. The picturesque scenery is almost too much to take in with the naked eye with its lush green grassy landscape and the lovely mountain top skylines. Finding the wild life in their own natural habitat is enough to take anyone’s breath away. All things considered, a long term road trip across Canada can lead to building some great memories along the way.

Canadian Cross Country Road Trip - Fun Canadian Cross-Country Road Trip Memories to Last a Lifetime

Whisking Away to Winnipeg

The capital city of Manitoba sits nestled in the heart of North America, awaiting adventurous travelers and road warriors alike. This culturally diverse city is literally a green oasis due to its unique position at the Forks, the junction between both the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. With its unique and one of a kind boutiques and street shops, Winnipeg is an international jewel also known as the Gateway to Western Canada. While in Winnipeg, visitors can catch the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets on the ice or try to catch a glimpse of the wild life. Additionally, Winnipeg should appeal to outdoor adventurers, landscape photographers and naturalists alike due to its prairie like scenery and picturesque natural wonders.

Visiting and Viewing Vancouver

Taking in the coastal views from this British Columbia seaport city is enough to make anyone just pause and wonder. This is home to the famous hand crafted totem poles of the North American native tribes as well as the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Although the city is full of cultural activities and night life such as music and fine arts, there is plenty to see and do while you enjoy all of what Vancouver has to offer.

Seeing the Sites in Calgary

Located among the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a major city in Alberta. Visitors can view the nearby rivers and Canadian Rockies. The Banff area provides famous beauty and stunning experiences in nature. You can also get your fill of the arts from the Pegasus Murder Mysteries & Theatrical Performances theater. Just in case there happens to be some roadside trouble like needing tire repair in Calgary, travelers can go into Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler for the necessary repairs.

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