Gandhidham – a beautiful city whose foundation was laid by Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhidham is a fast developing city in Gujarat located on the western coast of India and overlooking the Gulf of Kutch. It is a significant historic and political city whose foundation was laid with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi. It is the only other place in the country besides Delhi where the remains of the Mahatma are kept. Visit the city for a fun vacation and pick from the best hotels in Gandhidham.


Gandhidham is a city in the state of Gujarat. It is a port city most recognized for being the place that offered home to the immigrants from Pakistan who came to India right after the partition of the country. It is named Gandhidham because of the fact that it on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi that then Maharaja of Kutch gave the piece of land for the rehabilitation of the Pakistani immigrants. The first founding stones of the city were laid in 1947, right after the partition of old India, with the blessings of the Mahatma.

The city falls under the district of Kutch and is a small city that overlooks the Gulf of Kutch. It is the economical hub of the district as is the chief site of a number of trade and maritime industries. Being a major commerce city, there is a large network of train and road routes connecting the city to rest of India. It hugely depends on railway lines that connect the city to Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Kolkata, Allahabad, Kanpur, Delhi, Jaipur etc. The main railway station is located on the outskirts of the city at a place called Transport Nagar. There also exists the city’s own airport situated about six kilometers from the city’s centre. It is called Kandla Airport and has a couple of flights flying from only the chief Indian cities. Roads are the easy and cheapest modes to access the city. However, they are not as convenient as trains or flights. But there are several Volvo A/C Deluxe buses running between Gandhinagar and other neighbouring cities.

Accommodations are easy to find as there is a large array of hotels in Gandhidham. Most of the hotels are situated in the main commerce centre. There also exist a couple of hotels at some distance; these hotels are ideal for tourists seeking a tranquil and relaxing stay as the area of the hotel’s location is quiet and less crowded.

The rapidly changing infrastructure of the city does play a significant role in bringing Gandhidham on India’s tourism map. However, it is also the historic and political significance that generate huge interest amongst the tourists towards the city. Apart from Delhi it is only in here where the last remains of the nation’s father are kept and a memorial is built over them. The place is called Gandhi Samadhi and it is one of the chief sightseeing spots of the place. There also exists a revered Jain temple which remains highly flocked by tourists and pilgrims yearlong. It is called the Bhardeshwar temple of Gandhidham dedicated to Shri Chandra Prabhuji Bhagvan. As the Jain temples are less in number than the Hindu temples or catholic or orthodox churches, the temple is a significant temple in the country. The place also houses two other highly visited Hindu temples, namely Purneshwar Temple and Akshardham Temple.

Time duration between October February is simply ideal for a tour of the place. Summer is usually hot and sultry thus best if avoided. Monsoon lasts from July to September and brings moderate rainfall to the city. Simply visit the bustling city during the next vacation and pick from the best hotels. The budget hotels in Gandhidham are high on demand as they offer value for money lodgings.

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