Get a Short Break from E-rewards if you Collect Points

Most people have much more leisure time than their parents and grandparents, and far more opportunity to travel because of the increased conveniences for air flight. Popular destinations within Europe are still accessible by road and ferry, but a quick flight from the UK to the major cities of Europe means that you can escape the office and dine in such places as Paris, Rome, or Amsterdam just a few hours later.

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Enjoying travel for everyday spending

Relatively speaking, air travel has remained very good value because of the competition that exists. There are even ways to get air tickets by gathering bonuses for spending on fuel and on groceries at particular outlets. There is no mystery; the finance industry is competitive and offers incentives for people who sign up with their services.

The industry has found the last few years of economic recession far more difficult for trading, and it has led to a change in emphasis and stricter controls in place. If you are a suitable candidate for a good credit card that offers e rewards, and if it can be used for airline travel, then it must be worth serious consideration.

Free bonus

There is no charge for joining a scheme which provides points for spending. If you begin to collect Avios points, you will become eligible for a number of different things when you cash in those points. You may be happy to wait until you have enough so your flight costs nothing. You may decide to ‘cash in’ your points and pay the balance against a preferred ticket. If you are a member, you can also buy travel items and actually earn points in doing so.

There has been an enormous increase in ecommerce in recent years; you may do all your travel arrangements online or you may buy your insurance from a website; it is even possible to buy your car that way. In any event, you must surely realise that virtually everything you buy can be bought with a card, and each time you make a transaction, you will get points.


You will, of course, need to keep to the terms and conditions of your card provider, but your credit arrangements are not related to your bonuses which are regularly transferred to a statement that will show you how you stand each month. If you want to have a little time in one of those European cities, you will soon know how quickly that can be funded from your regular card spending.

If you have never thought of enjoying such a system before or indeed did not know that such a thing existed, it is surely worth reading a little more and joining a free system without any obligation to change your levels of spending. Many people have enjoyed free airline travel with the help of erewards over the years; they may be frequent business flyers and get the benefit of that. It does not mean that you can’t get a nice break in Paris through your online spending.

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