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Looking for that perfect mixture of bohemian beauty, great weather and oodles of relaxation? You may have just found one. Mexico’s Isla Holbox is just that. It is more of a paradise island that you may have dreamt of all this while. The Carribean coast is slowly becoming increasingly cluttered and it is getting challenging to find places to leave all the humdrum aside. Trippers are hunting for tacos, cocktails, beaches and sunshine but all this without crowds. It is not too much to ask for, is it? Shortest hop from the coast has to be Isla Mujeres. The best kept secret has to be Isla Holbox and it is on every traveler’s list. Here is how you can get there.

Cancun - Getting to Isla Holbox Oscar Cancun Shuttle

Getting There Via Cabs: Thinking about reaching the Holbox Island? Well, there are two very simple methods to reach. These include travelling by road or the plane. This place enjoys a location at the Yucatan’s North coast and is a lesser-known treasure. For a transfer service, their management teams take care of everything right from the airport. It lies to north-west of the Mexican city and also possesses a tiny air strip. If images of turquoise bright waters, colorful murals and sandy unpaved streets have cast a spell, now is the time.

Avoid the Expensive Option of Flights: One of the most expensive options to reach the island, has to be boarding the flight. There are no scheduled or commercial flights that shall take you there. Runway present there also is devoid of lights so flights are operating during day time only. Opting for the roadways is better because on flights you have certain restrictions with luggage. This is mainly because size of the planes is small. Several companies offer flights from various locations to reach this place but nothing beats good cab transportation from cancun to holbox. Also, the major reason why you should choose roads is because the airfare can range from seven hundred to more than eight hundred dollars. This implies that the air is an expensive means especially if you are on a budget trip.

Buses also are Equally Good: The Peninsula of Yucatan has a very efficient network of public transport. There are many types of busses. Also, if you are love an economical means of travelling then buses are the obvious winners. It happens to be an experience that is really unique. You get the hassle being taken out from driving but are being driven in the comfort of other interesting people. Premium bus services come with TV, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning and allocated seats. They are both efficient and comfortable. Moreover, if you choose second class buses then they will not just be less crowded and cheaper but also have more stops.

Visiting the Island is Totally worth It: After having explored all the major Mexican places, you must head to this island for a dreamy, touristy and colorful experience. You can always try the Oscar Cancun Shuttle transportation from cancun to holbox because they offer best vehicles and bilingual driver.

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