Great Outdoors: Best Spots for Your Next Winter Camping Trip

Winter camping appeals to a hard breed of person who loves the challenge and adventure that cold weather brings with it. However, not every place is ideal for winter camping. There are some places that are pure magic for camping during the winter, while others can be a nightmare. To help make sure your camping trip is extraordinary this winter, here is a look the five best winter camping destinations.

San Juan National Forest - Great Outdoors: Best Spots for Your Next Winter Camping Trip

San Juan National Forest, Colorado
Load up your Toronto roof rack with your ski gear and head to San Juan National Forest for an epic adventure. This is one of the best winter camping destinations for people who love to ski and play in the snow.

There are three nearby ski resorts to enjoy, and the camping is cold but manageable. Anytime you want to warm up, all you have to do is head to the nearby Pagosa Hot Springs for a quick dip.

Zion National Park, Utah

When most people think of winter camping, they think of snow and ice. However, camping during the winter doesn’t have to mean freezing your toes off. Zion National Park rarely gets snow, and the temperature stays pretty mild all year-round. The gorgeous trails though the red canyons of this national treasure are a hiker’s dream, even in the lower temps.

Apostle Islands National Seashore, Wisconsin

If you are looking for a challenge, then pack up a Hitch City rack head to this incredible winter camping destination in northern Wisconsin. The weather is cold enough hear to freeze Lake Superior, which turns the caves on the islands into otherworldly, ice-covered delights. Just make sure that you check with the visitor center before you head out on the ice to ensure it is safe.

False Cape State Park, Virginia
If you want to go to a winter camping destination that offers gorgeous scenery and utter solitude, head here. The only way to get to the park is to hike nine miles into the wilderness, which keeps all but the hardiest winter campers away.

Bullards Beach, Oregon
This is a great winter camping destination for families who like to be active. There are so many fun outdoor activities to do at Bullards Beach, including horseback riding, hiking, surfing, kiteboarding, boating, beachcombing, mountain biking, fishing and boating. It can get crowded during the summer, but you will have plenty of space during the winter.

These five winter camping destinations are ideal spots for experiencing amazing trips. They offer gorgeous scenery and lots to do. Try heading to one of these spots for the winter camping trip of a lifetime.

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