Great Places In Canada To Travel For The Winter

Many people travel to the beach in the winter to escape the snow, but for those who rarely see snow, visiting the winter wonderland of Canada is a huge treat for people of all ages. Many cities all across the country go all out to offer perfect skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports as well as winter carnivals that offer almost everything. Here are a few of the great places in Canada to visit during the winter.


Quebec Winter Carnival

The largest winter carnival in the world, it has been offering entertainment for the past 59 years. From February 1st through the 17th visitors enjoy evening parades as well as snow tubing, snow rafting, skating, ice sliding, snow sculpture competitions, dance parties and fantastic food including outdoor BBQ.

Surf on Lake Ontario

The normally placid waters of Lake Ontario get some epic waves during the winter and for people who are passionate about surfing this is the place to be. Places like Monte Carlo Inns one of the many hotels in Oakville are just minutes from downtown Toronto and a convenient place to stay for surfing during the winter. The icy water may not be for everyone, but it is amazing to watch the intrepid adventurers brave the frigid water for the ride of their life.

Northern Lights

Visit the Lights in Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba is the place for a front row seat for people to view the mystical Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Tourists can either brave the elements or watch from the comfort of a heated tundra buggy. This is a stunning natural spectacle that many people never see, but it is worth making the effort at least once, and Churchill is located directly below the Aurora oval.

Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

For seasoned skaters and beginners alike there is no place like the 7.8 km long Skateway on the canal that travels through the middle of town. It is open for skating from January to the end of February. The weekends in February host the Winterlude, a seasonal celebration that includes warm spectator chalets, delicious food, hot chocolate and maple taffy all along the course.

Rideau Canal

Whether you shovel snow all winter or never see a flake, it’s worth visiting a place that makes winter wonderful. You can ride in a dogsled, watch polar bears on ice drifts on the Hudson Bay, ski at some of the top ski resorts in the world or enjoy watching it in front of a cozy fire.

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