Have a Great Holiday in Thrilling Australia: Broome

For anyone road tripping through Australia, one location you will most certainly want to check out is Broome in the Western region of the country. Not only is this historic pearling town full of great sights and a laid back atmosphere but it packs its fair share of thrills as well. Broome is the essence of the Australian experience, featuring a unique charm and plenty of outdoor activities. The mix of great dining and shopping in the town and the watersports and hiking along the beaches makes for the perfect road trip spot. Any traveller experiencing the western shore will definitely want to steer their camper van hire in the direction of Broome.

Camper Van Traveling - Have a Great Holiday in Thrilling Australia: Broome

The Town Of Broome

Located right on the shore of the Indian Ocean, Broome has a population of about 12,000, but it swells to 30,000 in the dry season of May through September. This is definitely the best time to visit Broome, as you will be greeted with tropical weather and golden sands. The town features a wide array of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. During the dry season there are many visitors, making for an incredibly lively scene.

A unique feature of Broome is the town’s pearling history, which has been the main industry in the area for many a year. If you happen to be in the market for one of these precious stones, then Broome is definitely the town to look. You will find a wide variety of pearls for sale here, many of which are unique to the region and cannot be found anywhere else.


This is the central business district of the town. Called Chinatown due to the many generations of Chinese families who migrated to the area in order to capitalize on the pearling industry, Chinatown features the majority of the town’s shopping, eating, and nightlife. Bustling with life and featuring a diverse mixture of people from locals to tourists to backpackers, no visit to Broome is complete without a visit to this neighbourhood.

No matter if you are in the mood for a bite to eat, a night on the town, some shopping, or all of the above, Chinatown is the top spot in Broome to find what you’re looking for. Unwind in town after a long day on the beach or a hike. It is this combination that keeps Broome consistently on top of the Australian must-do destination list. Whether by camper van hire or by foot, travellers just love Broome and its Chinatown district.

Cable Beach

If it’s a beach day you’re looking for, then look no further than Cable Beach. Featuring golden sands and a sweeping expanse of warm waters, Cable Beach has long been known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This tract of undeveloped beach has been attracting backpackers and road trippers for decades, and with the overall laid back atmosphere of the area mixed with the great weather and the beautiful scenery it isn’t hard to see why. The sunsets here are world famous, so make sure to stick around for one during your visit.

Cable Beach features a variety of water sports and activities, including parasailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. This is not to mention the hiking to be had along the miles of undeveloped Indian Ocean coastline. Whether you’re looking to engage in these thrilling activities or just want a nice day on the perfect beach, then Cable Beach definitely won’t let you down.

The Surrounding Country

The country surrounding Broome is some of the most beautiful and unspoiled nature to be found in Australia. Not only do you have the glistening waters and beaches along the shore but you have many miles of forests, hills, peaks, and rock formations to explore as well. This is the very definition of Australian wilderness, and you won’t want to miss it if travelling in the area. There are many hiking trails in the region. You will want to research the trails and their features to make sure you’ll be getting the hike you desire. There are also a wide number of guided tours as well, so check these out if you want to be taught the terrain by a local.

From many of the surrounding hills you will be able to see miles of water, sand, and forest. The sunsets will take your breath away, so early evening hikes are highly recommended. The area features a wide assortment of rare birds, so birdwatchers will find much to enjoy here. For those seeking thrills there is white water rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The countryside surrounding Broome has the scenery and activities to keep anyone satisfied.

Anyone travelling in the western region of Australia should be advised to aim their camper van hire in the direction of Broome, where a lively town, perfect beaches, and plethora of activities await.

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