Have Some Fun In the Sun at an Orlando Water Park

If you are planning a visit to Orlando, Florida, then your visit would not be complete without a trip to one of the many water parks that can be found all over the city. There are few better ways to spend your holiday in Florida!

Orlando Water Park

Why Choose a Water Park?
This is not the question that you should be asking yourself. The real question you need to be asking yourself is this. Why not choose a water park for one of your holiday stops while you are in Florida? Unless you are allergic to water, then there is no reason to experience what could only be described as a wet, wild time in the sun. Make sure that you pack your sun screen because you are going to need it.

Plan Your Holiday Accordingly
It does get warm in Florida. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing. There is one other thing that you need to know about Florida. It is very rarely cold. This is why Florida is such a great place to have a water park. There are a few weeks in the year when temperatures may get a little chilly, but for the most part, it is always warm enough to enjoy some of the great water parks that Florida has to offer.

In the warmer summer months there really is no better way to cool off than by spending a day at a water park.

What Is a Water Park?
If you have never been to Water Park, then you may not know what to expect. A water park is a theme park with all water based thrill rides. There are even some rides that are meant for relaxing, so you will be able to enjoy yourself no matter what type of holiday you are looking for. Most water park will consist of giant slides, swimming pool, and small man made rivers and other wild and crazy water based thrill rides. It all really depends on what you want to do while you are there. Do you want to climb some stairs to slide down one of the tallest slides in the world, or would you prefer to lazily float downstream while the warm sun kissed your cheeks? You can do both, and just about everything in between.

Is There Anything to Watch Out For?
There really is only one thing to be concerned about, and you only need to be concerned if you are planning your water park holiday for the warmer summer months. Florida is known as the lightning strike capitol of the United States. During the summer in Florida there are regular thunder storms just about every single afternoon. The heat of the summer and the cool ocean breezes meet and form some pretty spectacular lightning displays. They are usually short lived. They may last thirty minutes to an hour and then they are gone. If you are planning your water park holiday in Florida for the summer, then keep this on mind. Otherwise, have a great time and enjoy some of the best water based thrill rides in the world.

Mike Smith is a freelance writer and blogger who loves everything about the wonderful world of Disney. He recently visited some Water parks Orlando and had a great time.

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