Holidays in Limassol, Cyprus

Want to do something different for the holiday?  Same thing every year spending the holidays with the family at an aunt or uncle’s house doing the same thing with the same people.  We all love our families but it is nice to mix it up once in a while.  Take a vacation for the holiday and have some fun.  You can come to Cyprus and stay in the fantastic luxury hotels in Limassol that can accommodate the whole family.  It doesn’t matter if it a summer holiday or a winter holiday, Limassol can make your holiday fantastic.

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Christmas in Limassol
Most people want to go to different places in the summer months, but there are always so many tourists it can sometimes become overwhelming.  In Limassol, Christmas is a perfect time to visit.  If you love to ski there are fantastic ski resorts to go to.  The snow is thick and gorgeous on the hills for the entire family.  With four different ski lifts at the resort you won’t have to worry about lines and waiting too much to get back up those hills for another ride down.  There is a large variety of shops for your Christmas shopping.  You can enjoy the local theatres and even shows that are performed.

Easter Carnival
In the late winter there are carnivals to attend.  The carnivals are fantastic and have parades and masquers for the people to watch and take it all in. The Easter carnival very popular to tourists and islanders.  The carnival consists of two weeks of fun and exciting activities for the whole family. There are colorful floats and people dressing up and even people singing and dancing in the street.  The carnival offers amazing meat and snack because the whole point is to have this carnival right before lent so you can get your fill of meat.  Also, during the second week of the carnival you can eat your fill of cheese and other dairy products that are extremely delicious.  This is known to be the climax of the entire carnival.

Spring and Summer in Limassol
Even though it is nice to visit in the off months where tourists are not a problem, there is so much more exciting things to do in the summer months.  The weather in the summer is quite nice and the breeze that comes off the water is very refreshing. There are many festivals and events going on to keep you entertained for days.  One of the most popular activities is the Fasouri Watermania Water Park.  There are over thirty slides in the water park!  If you do not like the slides then is always the lazy river for you to relax and float.  If you do not want to go to the parks then you can enjoy the many beaches the island has to offer.  Spending and entire day on the beach is so easy to do.  Nothing is better than a free day of relaxing in the sun and having fun in the water.

Author BIO:
Theo Dionys, a writer, has become fascinated by the many festivals in Limassol and has been to most of them.  Visiting Cyprus and staying at their luxury 5 star hotels in Limassol is one of the best vacations ever.

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